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A business ecosystem
that brings major IT companies together
on the largest Data Center platform
in Latin America.

A Marketplace for technology services

Ascenty maintains a digital ecosystem with great potential for new businesses. At Marketplace, our clients quickly and easily find a wide range of offers for state-of-the-art technology service to support innovation and technological improvement.

Here, each partner offers the best of its products and services, in a free competition environment open to the entire network of partners, with unrestricted access.

Marketplace offers numerous technology services, from those related to servers and other physical equipment to solutions linked to cloud computing, cybersecurity, and application development. Check out our full partner list below and explore the opportunities offered by Marketplace.


Learn more about Ascenty’s partner companies that can help your business grow and develop in the new digital environments. Use the filters to the side to tailor your search.

Cloud Provider 
Cyber Security
Solutions Finance


Absam is a cloud hosting provider that focuses on providing infrastructure to support a wide range of applications, databases, VOIP, clustering, and more. Common tasks such as requesting servers, managing backups, and adjusting access control are just a few clicks away.


  • Dedicated Server;
  • Cloud Server;
  • Cloud APP;
  • Cloud DataBase;
  • Cloud NAT.

add it Cloud Solutions

Over 20 years of experience helping companies with their IT challenges. We specialize in mission-critical cloud environments, and have a high-availability, high-performance cloud environment to meet the requirements of our customers’ most critical applications. Combined with an extremely modern infrastructure, with high availability and high performance, we have a team of specialists who ensure that our clients’ environments never stop.


  • Virtual Servers (VPS) in the private cloud;
  • Disaster Recovery Solution;
  • Cloud Backup Solution;
  • Cloud PABX Solution;
  • Email Solution;
  • Cloud Antispam Solution;
  • Endpoint Protection Solution;
  • Next Generation Firewall as a Service Solution;
  • Desktop Cloud Solution.


Agil Telecom is a Landline and Mobile Telecom Carrier, with more than 13 years in the market, certified and accredited by ANATEL (National Telecommunications Agency) with SCM and STFC licenses. Its coverage area spans all of Brazil, across more than 2500 cities, providing end-to-end telecommunications solutions.
Own state-of-the-art infrastructure, allocated in Data Centers with Tier3 certification. It has a highly capable team to provide the best Telecom experience. We can help your company revolutionize your communication infrastructure!


  • Cloud PABX Solution;
  • SIP Trunk;
  • Call Center;
  • SIP Routing with Rating;
  • Dialer;
  • Omnichannel;
  • Active IVR;
  • National and International Numbering Resources;
  • Portability;
  • Toll-free (0800)
  • Premium rate (0900)
  • Telemarketing (0303)
  • Nationwide (400X)
  • Mobile Numbers
  • Dedicated Link
  • CIDR Block

Algar Telecom

We are an Algar group company that has been operating in the Telecom and IT industry for over 60 years under two main objectives: maintaining a close relationship with our customers and offering high-quality services.
The commitment to sustainability is one of Algar Telecom’s five values. Our mission is “To serve and integrate people and businesses in a sustainable manner”. We were elected the most sustainable Telecom in Brazil for seven straight years by Guia Exame and, in 2021, recognized as the top company in the sector with the best ESG practices. Our portfolio includes voice and data, cloud computing, network and security management, IT and videoconferencing solutions.


• Hosting
• Colocation
• Cloud Plus
• Cloud Server
• Cloud Backup
• Cloud Backup Azure

• Security Management – SOC
• Anti-DDOS
• Vision MEDR
• SD-WAN Super Seguro
• Hero
• Web Protection

• Network Management – NOC
• SmartFi Pro
• Smart Connect
• Premium Service

• Cloud Phone Pro
• Office 365
• Teams + Voice
• Omni PRO
• SMS Solution
• Timecard Control
• Financial Management

• Dedicated Link
• Upload 50%
• Toll-free (0800)
• Total Voice
• Data Communication

AMT Cloud

The mission of AMT Cloud is to deliver peace of mind for its customers’ IT operation.

For almost 30 years, AMT Cloud has been dedicated to solving technological demands for companies of various sizes and segments. We protect, host, sustain and optimize systems and information so that our customers have more security, performance and efficiency to focus on what they do best: your business.

The purpose of AMT Cloud is to go beyond the traditional offering of technology services.

More than a Service Desk, we have the AMT Solution Desk, a hotline where each client has a humanized and dedicated service, in Portuguese, by someone who knows him, and, in addition to knowing who he is talking to, he is aware of how important the systems are for his business.


  • Cloud computing;
  • System hosting;
  • Managed services;
  • Digital security services;
  • IT Consulting;
  • Off-site Backup.

Angola Cables

Angola Cables is a multinational telecommunications and digital solutions company that operates in the wholesale market and is dedicated to the exploration and commercialization of international data circuit capacity and IP Transit, through the submarine cables WACS, MONET & SACS. The company manages the IXP AngoNIX and the AngoNAP Luanda and Fortaleza data centers (Tier III), and has been classified as the most interconnected operator in the African continent according to CAIDA. Through integrated IP networks, the multinational telecommunications company provides low latency, security, and direct access connectivity to major operators and IP exchange points (IXP) and global content providers.


  • IP Transit;
  • IP Gamer;
  • GDI – Global Data Center Interconnection;
  • Cloud Services;
  • Security Services – Anti-DDOS – L7;
  • Remote Peering;
  • Manager Service (Expert consulting).


We are ARKLOK, Brazil’s complete solution in full IT outsourcing. With over 14 years in the IT equipment rental market, our intention is to create a specialized partnership with companies that want to increase productivity through innovation and technology. Focused on cutting costs for our clients and partners, we offer agility, flexibility, and ease to public and private companies throughout Brazil. Our structure has a headquarters in São Paulo, a 4,000 m² distribution center for safe equipment storage, in addition to our own fleet to ensure effective logistics in all our services. We also have our own laboratory for maintenance, repairs, customization and cleaning, maintaining the constant quality of all our equipment. ARKLOK is a Trusted Partner Advisor for all clients and has a highly specialized team, certified technical staff, and constant audits that certify delivery quality at all service levels.

• IT infrastructure rental
• Hardware
• Software

Aspectu Tecnologia

Infrastructure company focused on Servers, Storage, Virtualization, Backup and Networking. Headquartered in Fortaleza/CE, with operations in the North and Northeast. Its premise is technical development so that we can make a consultative sale, delivering the equipment and the installation and configuration services, thus covering all phases of the project (pre-sale, sales, and service delivery).


  • Database;
  • Storage;
  • Data Backup and Recovery;
  • Infrastructure Consolidation.

Ativy Digital

With a decade of experience, Ativy Digital is the first One-Stop Shop for digital transformation and cloud reference in Latin America. There are more than 20,000 users of a cloud solutions ecosystem (public, private or hybrid), cloud computing, support ERPs, cybersecurity and MSP, ensuring the complete journey to the cloud.

That is why ISG Provider Lens™ recognized the company as a Market Challenger in Cloud Services for SAP ERP Managed Platform and Cloud for SAP ERP quadrant; leaders in Private/Hybrid Cloud – Data Center Solutions & Services in Managed Services for Midmarket and Managed Hosting; and Product Challenger in Cybersecurity Solutions and Services in Strategic Security Services.



  • Private Cloud;
  • Public Cloud;
  • Hybrid Cloud;
  • Multicloud.
  • Cloud Backup;
  • Cloud for ERP;
  • Disaster Recovery;
  • SRE DevOps, DevSecOps and FinOps.


  • Journey to the Cloud;
  • Cloud Management & Operation;
  • Cloud Optimization & Modernization;
  • Cloud Native Strategies.


  • Infrastructure management;
  • Security;
  • Communication and Collaboration;
  • Governance.


  • Risk Mapping;
  • Vulnerability Management;
  • Identity Management;
  • Cloud & E-mail Security;
  • Ethical Hacking;
  • Security Operations Center (SOC);
  • Managed Security Services;
  • DevSecOps;
  • Endpoints Security;
  • Threat Intelligence.


Cloud IaaS – 100% Hourly Billing.


  • Cloud IaaS;
  • Backup as a Service;
  • Object Storage;
  • Private Cloud;
  • Cloud Datacenter.

Brazuca Cloud

Cloud and technology company focused on helping enterprises with datacenter virtualization environments through the Openstack cloud system. Our other competitive advantage is providing dedicated servers and storage as a service at all tiers, but especially at the block tier. We deliver cross access up to 40Gbe within Ascenty for connections to your private cloud, dedicated servers, and storage as a service.

  • Cloud Center – Complete exclusive cloud platform (exclusive Servers and Storage) for your company.
  • Private cloud
  • Virtual datacenter
  • Cloud Server
  • Dedicated servers with various setup options for any scenario or need
  • Storages as a service with up to 40Gbe block access links.
  • Physical storage
  • Storage distributed by CEPH
  • Cloud consulting
  • Managed Services
  • Openstack Deployment Projects in your company’s environment


BR.Digital meets strategic IT and Telecom demands in data transport and fiber optic networks that are fundamental for different business applications.

We develop projects that integrate intelligence in digital technologies and optimal performance and reliability structures, with a high degree of customization to your specific issue.


  • L2L;
  • SDWAN.


A Brazilian company with the mission to contribute to the growth of the Internet in Brazil through Content Delivery and optimization of the ISPs’ peering strategy.

CDN STAR Content Aggregator


The company offers differentiated IaaS, DRaaS, BaaS solutions, with observability tools, on x86 and IBM Power platforms including security, support and sustainment of operating systems, SAP/HANA, Oracle, SQL, DB2 and main middleware.


  • IaaS,
  • DRaaS,
  • BaaS,
  • x86 and IBM Power platforms including security, support and sustainment of operating systems, SAP/HANA, Oracle, SQL, DB2 and main middleware.


Cloud provider, offering public, private, hybrid and multicloud solutions.


  • Public Cloud;
  • Backup;
  • CDN;
  • Antivirus;
  • Consulting;
  • Docker;
  • Database;
  • Storage;
  • Security;
  • VPN;
  • Firewall.

Cross Conection

Since 1996, we have dedicated ourselves to the technological development of the interior of São Paulo. We are present in more than 32 municipalities, making us one of the largest ISP’s in Brazil. Currently, in addition to meeting the requirements of medium and small companies in connectivity, we go further, connecting people, ideas and stories.


  • We have the highest network technology and data security, with Lan to Lan, MPLS, Dedicated IP Link, for companies that need high reliability and performance connection. With high availability and stability, through dedicated connections via optical network.


Excellence in R&D and manufacturing of telecommunications and Datacenter equipment. We are a high-tech industry focused on developing hardware and software for world-class equipment.

• Servers;
• Ethernet switches;
• Routers; GPON optical solutions;
• Transceivers;

Datasafer Tecnologia e Segurança da Informação

Founded in 2013, DataSafer is a Cloud Storage company recognized for the high reliability of its solutions as well as the excellence of its customer service.


  • DataSafer Cloud Backup: Complete solution for Cloud Data Backup. Supports various technologies and workloads, such as VMWare, Hyper-V, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft 365. Data is stored in DataSafer’s own cloud or in public clouds of major market players;
  • DataSafer Object Storage: High-availability infrastructure for data storage using the S3 protocol. It can be used with various technologies such as Veeam, Arcserve, Acronis, S3 Browser, Cyberduck, QNAP, Synology, S3FS, Rclone and other technologies compatible with S3 Standard.


Our company is dedicated to providing services in Data Center solutions.
We have been operating in the Brazilian market since 2009. DNSLink is continuously growing, always seeking the best professionals in its segment and new technologies to facilitate the work of all clients.


  • Website Hosting;
  • Cloud Server;
  • Dedicated Server;
  • Colocation from (1u to full rack).


Eviden is a new company of the ATOS group that is responsible for Digital Transformation, Smart Platforms, Cloud, Advanced Computing, Digital Security and Net Zero solutions. With a turnover of 5 Bi Euros, with more than 57,000 IT professionals present in 45 countries in the world. We have in our portfolio the 5 largest supercomputers in Latin America and we offer advanced computing solutions for large customers in Brazil such as telephone operators, banks, government, industries and the entire research segment in partnership with large computing centers such as the LNCC (Laboratório Nacional de Computação Científica) and SENAI/CIMATEC in Salvador, where we have a research center in the development of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, with several projects developed in the area of ​​computer vision.


  • High Capacity Servers – Bull Sequana
  • Servers for Edge Computing – Edge Computing
  • We are partners with PureStorage, NVIDIA and RedHat

Edge Uno

We offer Edge, Cloud and Connectivity solutions for Content Providers, ISPs and Companies through one of the largest and most robust networks in Latin America. With a presence in 15 countries, we have a solid infrastructure with points of presence (PoPs) strategically located around the world, operating on a highly reliable, secure and scalable network.



  • IP transit
  • Lan to Lan
  • Metro Wave


  • Bare Metal
  • Data Center


  • Cloud Applications
  • Public Cloud – VPS
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • PaaS for SAP Business One


We are Flexus Soluções and we started in 2003 with a very clear objective: to provide the best dedicated link service to the entrepreneurs in the Brás region of São Paulo. But soon we understood the need of IT managers and started to offer an extensive range of IT and Telecommunications services to companies throughout Brazil. Today we deliver a wide variety of services to our clients so that they can focus exclusively on their core business.
The peace of mind of the IT manager is our goal.

• Dedicated Link
• International Link
• PBX Cloud
• Switched Fixed Telephone Service
• L2L Fiber Optic Interconnection
• Virtualization of systems in our cloud
• Disaster Recovery
• Cloud backup
• Fortinet as a service.
• Microsoft Licenses
• Business Intelligence (BI)

GOKEI Tecnologia SA

GOKEI emerged from the experience of financial market and technology professionals in understanding the challenges faced by institutions and creating unique, high-level solutions.

We transform the financial market into simple API calls structured by the most sophisticated cloud computing architectures and high-performance connectivity.

We are the newest provider of this technology, approved by the Central Bank of Brazil. We have a highly specialized team that will provide an unprecedented experience in the Financial Market, connecting your financial institution in a Cloud environment of high performance and availability, as we are the first PSTI to use this client x PSTI means of communication 100% in cloud.

GOKEI Tecnologia can support all stages of this process, helping your entire operational and technical team with all the bureaucratic and technical requirements.


  • STR ADVANCED AND SPI GENIUS: the hiring of this service includes the homologation and production environments, both for the bus communication network and for the SPB Cockpit and PIX together. The system will allow the financial institution to begin the homologation and deployment stages of the environments until everything is ready to operate the SPB and PIX. As soon as they are ready and already functioning with PIX, we will upgrade the contract to Open Banking, making other functionalities available that will be on our product roadmap. For companies that already have their own PSTI or with another operator, we at GOKEI Tecnologia can assure that we can make your change in a simplified and tiered manner at minimum cost, with no impact on your operation. We can take advantage of your entire current structure and migrate to our PSTI, as the services are approved, and what you already have with other operators will be disconnected in time and dates according to the expiration of your contracts, with no impact on fines and the like.
  • SPI GENIUS: the simplest and most affordable way to provide PIX to your clients. It includes services prepared for high scale and availability. Fully plug and play to facilitate new ISPB members or those who wish to perform their carrier migration in a simple, fast and transparent way.

Golden Cloud Technology

We are a company that has been in business for over 15 years and offers technology solutions to the market with a focus on Cloud Computing, Data & AI, Information Security and Collaboration Solutions.

We are certified with ISO 27.001/27.017/27.018, HDI Support Center, HDI Support Center and SAP in Cloud and Infrastructure. With a strong presence in the Northeast, Golden Solutions is the ideal partner for companies that wish to modernize and transform their IT. Our partners: VMware, Purestorage, Dell, Google, Microsoft, Fortinet, Evernex, GoCache, RedHat, Wirelink and SAP.


• Infrastructure
• Data & AI
• Information Security
• Collaboration Solutions
• Licensing


Hewlett Packard Enterprise is an enterprise-focused organization offering solutions for hybrid cloud transformation, mobility, IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and consumption as a service.


  • Hybrid cloud;
  • Mobility;
  • IoT;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Blockchain;
  • Consumption as a Service.


We specialize in protecting against DDoS attacks. With over a decade of experience, we are proud to have several success stories in safeguarding both Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and the hosting industry.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our exclusive use of 100% in-house developed technology, ensuring unparalleled quality and agility in delivering our services.

If your corporate network is grappling with instabilities caused by such threats, rest assured that we have the expertise to provide effective solutions.

Our DDoS protection services include cutting-edge technologies such as: GRE Tunnel/Bilateral VLAN.

We boast high-capacity POPs strategically located in the Netherlands (AMS) and Brazil (SP).


  • DDoS Protection


HostMundo has been offering digital technology solutions for over 10 years, operating in the web and desktop software market and cloud server solutions, providing robust and quality infrastructure for server connectivity.


  • Dedicated Servers;
  • Cloud Servers;
  • Colocation;
  • Connectivity;
  • Multicloud Architecture;
  • API Development;
  • Micro Services.

inov.TI Cloud On-Demand

Our company provides the highest level of multi-cloud solutions and we already operate throughout Brazil. Our main goal is to bring customized solutions to your company.

With our own international standard infrastructure, we are the sure bet in taking your IT operation to the next level, through innovation, technology, autonomy, cost predictability, flexibility, and independence. The control you need is here!


  • Cloud Core;
  • Backup;
  • Disaster Recovery;
  • M365;
  • Migration Services;
  • Colocation.


inventCloud is a technology consultancy focused on innovation projects, whether in physical environments or in the cloud (private, hybrid and public).
Our goal is to deliver quality services, with a highly certified and improved time in the solutions we operate.
We have global partnerships and certifications from the largest IT manufacturers in the world, delivering customized services for your business.
Our goal is to bring a digital transformation to the day-to-day of companies with automation, security and agility.


• Consulting and Implementation of Solutions in Oracle Technologies, AWS, Google, Azure, VMware, Veeam, Fortinet, Red Hat, Trend Micro, among others.
• Cloud Migration: Support in cloud service provider selection, migration and smooth transition.
• Production tests: validation of applications and systems in a production environment.
• Data Security and Backup: Backup solutions for critical data protection.
• Simplified IT Management: Guidance on processes, tools and technologies to simplify IT management.
• Vulnerability testing: identification of security flaws and recommendations for solutions.
• Disaster Recovery: Plans to minimize downtime and data loss.
• Hybrid environments: building hybrid cloud environments.
• 24×7 Support: support to ensure high availability and performance of IT systems.
• Innovation, FinOps and DevOps: adoption of DevOps and FinOps practices to improve software development processes.
• Adaptation to the LGPD: assistance in complying with the General Data Protection Law.


Established in August 2021, IPXO is the world’s largest fully automated IP address lease and monetization platform. To date, IPXO has successfully distributed IP resources to approximately 900 ASNs and a thousand B2B clients, managing an expanding pool that now exceeds 3.3 million IPs. Since September 2023, the company has been developing its Next-Generation IP address management tool. This tool will empower businesses to discover, analyze, and efficiently manage their own IP resources. With a strong presence within the RIR community and the goal of creating a transparent and sustainable IP ecosystem, IPXO is emerging as the business-critical infrastructure platform for enterprises worldwide


• IP Leasing;

• IP Monetization;

• IP Brokerage;

• IPAM solution;

• Geolocation management;

• IP Reputation management;

• Resource discovery;

• IPv4 resource management.

IX.br | NIC.br

NIC.br is the executive arm of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (CGI.br), working on several projects for the development of the Internet in Brazil. One of these projects is IX.br, which deploys and operates Internet Exchange Points in metropolitan regions. As of April 2023, it is present in 36 locations.


• Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)


Kryptus is a Brazilian-Swiss company, manufacturer of cryptographic security equipment and cybersecurity service provider, focused on ensuring a secure environment for the operations of public and private sector institutions around the world. Integrating hardware, software and services, it offers innovative, highly customizable, reliable and secure solutions to protect data, critical applications and sensitive communication.


  • Cloud HSM;
  • General Purpose kNET HSM;
  • kNET Payment;
  • KMS – Database Protection;
  • CommGuard Network Encryptor;
  • KeyGuardian Post-Quantum Encryption Token;
  • SOC – Managed Security Services;
  • Ethical Hacking – Pentest;
  • Secure Code Review;
  • Security Assessment;
  • Incident Readiness;
  • LGPD Consulting.

Maxihost / Latitude.sh

Maxihost empowers companies to efficiently deploy bare metal servers through software automation, delivering an optimal user experience in various regions across the globe. Deploy and manage single-tenant, high-performance bare metal servers with the best connectivity and a powerful automation system.


  • E-2386G / 32GB RAM / 1 x 800GB NVMe / 10Gbps NIC / 20TB out;
  • E-2388G / 64GB RAM / 2 x 1TB NVMe / 10Gbps NIC / 20TB out;
  • Dual Silver 4310 / 128GB RAM / 2 x 2TB NVMe / 10Gbps NIC / 20TB out;
  • AMD 7443P / 512GB RAM / 2 x 3.84TB NVMe / 10Gbps NUC / 20TB out.

LetsCloud Inc

Cloud Server platform that provides servers simply and quickly around the world.


  • Cloud Server.

MDS Cloud Solutions

For 14 years, MDS Cloud has been hosting cloud systems and databases for companies interested in performance and information security. Linked to LGPD and GDPR, MDS Cloud is present in 4 Data Centers fully interconnected via Fiber, capable to offer to the market. Learn about how we serve our clients and see the advantages of having fine-free contracts.


  • Cloud projects (cloud hosting according to client needs);
  • Cloud Backup Solutions;
  • Database support and projects with 24/7 service.

MMHospedagem Data Center LTDA

MMHospedagem – Datacenter is a company specialized in Data Center services, which meets needs ranging from hosting websites and emails to the most complex structure for hosting servers and equipment of the client and/or third parties.

Focused on providing quality solutions by passing on to our clients the trust and recognition from globally recognized companies that trust our work and goals, becoming partners directed towards the success of our clients.

Our call center features experienced professionals and specialists, trained for fast service with the help of innovative technologies.


  • Website Hosting;
  • Cloud Computing;
  • Software;
  • Domain Registration.

Movti Cloud Solutions

We are experts in digital transformation with cloud solutions, delivering high-availability products and services that provide more collaboration and increased business productivity.

We lead your company on the Digital Transformation journey with the best solutions for reimagining processes, models, and training people for the digital age.


  • Virtual private cloud;
  • Global load balancer;
  • GCP CDN;
  • Cloud hybrid connect;
  • Cloud DNS;
  • Storage and database;
  • Data transfers;
  • Cloud storage;
  • Cloud SQL;
  • Data protection and backup;
  • Backup;
  • Disaster Recovery;
  • Site backup;
  • Endpoint backup;
  • Mail journaling;
  • Security;
  • Host security;
  • Edge security;
  • CASB / DLP;
  • Workload protection;
  • Dedicated WAF;
  • Secure email;
  • Simulation tools;
  • Governance and compliance;
  • NOC 24/7;
  • SOC 24/7;
  • Support package;
  • 24/7 receptive support.


Telecom operator with global presence providing connectivity and infrastructure services with high availability and quality.


  • We provide data services; voice and IT services for Metro Ethernet and DWDM transport, IP transit;
  • Dedicated Internet, dark fiber leasing, voice solutions like IP PBX, DID, and termination;
  • Anti-DDoS, cyber security and SD-WAN solutions.

Noroestecom Telecomunicações S/A

Telecommunications company with operations in rural São Paulo.


  • IP Link;
  • Clear Channel;
  • Broadband Link.

Penso Tecnologia

Our company is passionate about technology, with 19 years of market experience and more than 50 certifications in various technologies. We stand out for having the Cloud with the highest SLA in Brazil: 99.9%. We have more than 1,600 corporate clients of all sizes that develop securely using our end-to-end solutions. We adapt our solutions and services to the needs of each company.

Hourly contracting services for advanced level 3 specialists in:

  • Fortnet;
  • VMware;
  • Windows;
  • Linux;
  • Networks/Connectivity;
  • Veeam Backup and DR.


Saphir is a technology company that offers cloud solutions: cloud server, virtual data center, storage, cloud management, cloud backup, and website and email hosting. Focused on providing the best customer experience, its data center infrastructure meets international standards and features high availability and security, offering humanized, specialized, 24/7 support. Ideal for implementing and sustaining critical cloud environments. A company with know-how and expertise in the cloud world that has been striving since 2013 to innovate and strengthen its connections with customers and partners on a daily basis.


• Virtual Data Center – Cloud Server
• Storage
• Cloud Management
• Cloud Backup
• Website Hosting
• Corporate email

Sercompe IT Services

We are a company with over 35 years’ expertise in IT infrastructure. Our activities range from equipment resale and on-premises deployment in the traditional acquisition model to 100% as-a-service delivery for Cloud Services and Edge Services. Our public cloud runs entirely on Brazilian territory, currently serving two regions: one in the South and the other in the Southeast, and our key advantages are: Invoices in local currency (R$); Human and customized technical support; Customized solutions; No traffic and API fees; No deployment fee.


• Sercompe Cloud Backup;
• Sercompe Cloud Backup for M365;
• Sercompe Cloud Disaster Recovery;
• Sercompe Cloud Server;
• Sercompe Cloud Storage;
• Sercompe Cloud Firewall;
• Sercompe Edge Backup;
• Sercompe Edge Firewall;
• Sercompe Edge Networking;
• Sercompe Managed IT Support;
• Sercompe Managed IT Monitor;
• Sercompe Managed IT Care.

Silica Networks

Silica Networks is part of the Datco Group, an Argentinean business group with more than 40 years in the market. Today the Dacto Group has operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Puerto Rico.
Silica Networks is a neutral regional carrier. We offer connectivity services in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. Our connectivity services are offered at 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps, 100 Gbps, and multiples of 100 Gbps.
We operate with our network throughout Argentina, Santiago and its metropolitan region, as well as São Paulo.
Our company has five crossings over the Andes mountain range, connecting Argentina to Chile, and currently we have the most reliable network for connectivity between the data center regions of Santiago and São Paulo.


• LAN-to-LAN transport services
• Wavelength-based transport services
• Optical channel supply services
• Optical spectrum supply services
• Dark fiber sales or rental services

Skymail Cloud

Skymail is a national Cloud company with its own infrastructure and a comprehensive portfolio in the IaaS, Collaboration, and managed services lines. Our purpose is to increase productivity and simplify our clients’ IT management with our proprietary solutions and built on partnerships with major vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Veeam.


  • Cloud IaaS;
  • Managed Cloud;
  • Corporate email;
  • SSD Premium Hosting;
  • SMTP sending;
  • Cloud backup.


Solider provides stable servers in Brazil, used by companies seeking the best cost-benefit ratio. Servers that respond 11x faster than servers in the U.S., and packages tailored to application requirements.


  • Windows Cloud Server;
  • Linux Cloud Server;
  • Partnership plan for resale.


We are a pioneer in delivering services to Datacenters, ISP’s, Telecom companies, and other institutions in Brazil and abroad. In all our activities, we prioritize proactivity, agility, neutrality, and quality in the delivery of our solutions, acting as strategic partners to our clients in managing their infrastructure and striving for excellence, with the aim of international recognition.


• Network Intelligence
• Infrastructure Intelligence
• Anti-DDoS Intelligence
• Monitoring Intelligence
• NOC 24/7
• CGNat


Tech2Work is a company specializing in IT infrastructure solutions with a complete portfolio to deliver end-to-end solutions for our clients.
Structured Cabling, Cloud Services, IT Infrastructure, Business Monitoring, Products and Service Desk.
Our team has highly trained professionals who are certified in the best solutions on the market. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, guaranteeing the delivery of a quality service.”


  • Cloud Provider


UFINET is a neutral telecom fiber optic operator in the wholesale market. We provide data connectivity, capacity, and Internet via optical cables in Latin America.


  • IP Transit
  • Lan-to-lan
  • Dark fiber
  • Towering
  • Co-location
  • FTTH Direct
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • VSAT
  • Remote peering.


Umbler is a technological solution platform for small and medium businesses that allows an entrepreneur to become more professional on the internet. Increase sales on WhatsApp, create a professional email, and get your website up and running. All in one place!


  • uTalk – Customer service system via WhatsApp;
  • uHost – WordPress website hosting platform;
  • umblerMail – Free professional email;
  • umblerClub – Digital agency community, courses, mentorships and online masterminds.


Taking care of our customers’ data and projects with high-tech and superior performance in the area of corporate hosting (B2B), offering them a differentiated datacenter infrastructure to meet the most demanding requirements when it comes to dedicated server or cloud computing.


• Dedicated servers;
• Cloud servers;
• Colocation.


We are an independent network-neutral carrier and global connectivity service provider, interconnected to more than 15 countries, and fully dedicated to the B2B and wholesale markets.


  • DAY
  • UPCIX.

V8 Consulting

One of the main IT service and solution companies in Brazil, V8 Consulting transforms the clients’ business and IT strategies for the Digital Journey. With highly knowledgeable infrastructure and cloud professionals and many projects delivered end-to-end, it has a unique consultative approach, helping clients visualize, create, and run more innovative and efficient businesses, applying the best technologies.

Present at more than 100 clients among the largest companies in Brazil, it is a leader in the ISGProviderLens quadrants.


  • Consulting and Implementation of Solutions in Oracle, DellEmc, VMware, Veeam, Microsoft, AWS, Google and Delphix Technologies;
  • Consulting and Implementation of Consolidation Projects;
  • Consulting and Implementation of Backup Projects;
  • Consulting in Best Practices for the IT Infrastructure Environment;
  • Consulting for Regularization and/or Licensing Optimization;
  • Performance Analysis and Tuning Services for Database Environments;
  • Consulting and Implementation of High Availability Environments;
  • Consulting and Implementation of System Management Environments;
  • Consulting and Implementation of Disaster Recovery structures, whether On-Premises or Cloud scenarios;
  • Administration, Monitoring and/or Support to IT Infrastructure Environments;
  • Cloud Managed Service Provider;
  • Cloud Design, Implementation, Administration, Monitoring and/or Infrastructure Support;
  • Design, Implementation, Administration of Private Cloud structures;
  • Design, Implementation, Administration of Hybrid Cloud structures;
  • Projects and Operation for Big Data, BI and Analytics;
  • Simplification of data handling;
  • Acceleration and Virtualization of Data;
  • Data Protection Design and Operation;
  • Customer Service Solution Design and Operation (Social Networks and Bots);
  • Agile Squads and Projects;
  • APIs, Microservices and DevOps;
  • Web and App Development;
  • Application Modernization.


Company of the Nabhan Technology Group, with more than 30 years of experience. Focused on datacenter services, with a major differential in customer care.


  • Hosting;
  • Adm of application servers;
  • Adm of database servers;
  • Backup service;
  • VPN.

VipRede Tecnologia Ltda

IT company featuring one of the most complete ecosystems of products and services, with national and international operations. VipRede’s commitment is to add value and competitiveness to your business through IT infrastructure services, with security, efficiency, and sustainability.


  • Cybersecurity (SOC, Vulnerability Management,
  • Incident Response, Pentest and other solutions);
  • Cloud Solutions (Hosting, Backup, Disaster Recovery and SAP Infrastructure);
  • IT Outsourcing;
  • Firewall and Antivirus as a service;
  • NOC and Specialized Support.


Our company develops telecommunication solutions with excellence in quality and a broad scope in our portfolio for the residential, corporate, industrial, government, and provider markets.

Our constant focus is on providing our telephony and Internet services with the speed and stability that we have committed to, something that is above the current market. To this end, we have invested heavily in our structure.

We have been operating since 2003 and today we are a Telecommunications Operator with its own ASN and accreditation (ANATEL) for SCM (Multimedia Communication Service), STFC (Switched Fixed Telephony Service) and SeAC (Conditioning Access Service). These accreditations prove our technical ability and professionalism.

We always strive for more!

We use state-of-the-art equipment, all approved by ANATEL. It offers high-performance and fast connections, trafficking data, voice and video information with excellence in quality and agility.

We always strive for MORE in service, satisfaction, achievement, technology and diversities. We easily adapt to market trends and needs.

Due to this flexibility and guarantee in delivering services with high performance, we are recognized for our performance in delivering data and special projects, designed for customers and locations that need special technical conditions.


  • IP LINK;
  • Clear Channel;
  • Digital Telephony;
  • PBX – Colocation;
  • Data Center.

Vonex Telecomunicações

Vonex Telecom is a telecom carrier licensed by ANATEL that has been investing since 2004 in its networks and technologies to reach an ever-increasing level of excellence and become more than a partner, but a true ally to your company.

Our complete communications solutions break all market paradigms by delivering what your company really needs with transparency, security, economy and scalability. With VONEX, there are no surprises, our systems deliver all the information, data and statistics that your company needs to make the best decisions for your business.

The dynamic nature of the market and its needs have never been a challenge for our professional staff, who have been focused on the end customer since VONEX began operations.


  • Virtual switchboard;
  • Toll-free (0800), Single National Number;
  • National and International Voice Termination;
  • DDR;
  • SIP;
  • 0303;
  • Text message;
  • Voice message;


We are specialized in Cybersecurity and Data Protection representing Acronis solutions in Brazil. With Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, we provide a complete and integrated Digital Security solution on a unified platform, so that MSPs can offer Cloud Backup, Onpremise Backup, Antivirus, Antimalware, Antiransomware, Advanced Management and Disaster Recovery solutions in a consumption-based model.


  • Backup Cloud;
  • Antivirus;
  • Antimalware;
  • Antiransomware;
  • RMM;
  • Disaster Recovery;
  • File Cloud;
  • e-Signature.

Winov Cloud

Winov Cloud is a leading cloud computing services company, focused on providing reliable and scalable solutions to its customers. Its differentiators lie in advanced security, high availability of services, and expert technical support.

Winov Cloud excels at providing reliable, secure, and customized cloud solutions, allowing customers to focus on their business while enjoying the benefits of cloud computing. Its mission is to provide excellent services, driving innovation and business growth through cloud technology.

Our solutions:

  • Cloud hosting;
  • Cloud Storage;
  • Data backup and recovery;
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS);
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS);
  • Managed services;
  • Connectivity (DNS, VPN, IP);
  • Microsoft Licensing;
  • Firewall as a Service.

Winspire Entreprise Cloud Solution

Winspire is a solutions integrator, specializing in providing products and services for cloud adoption, deployment, and management. They offer customized solutions with expertise in cloud computing. The services are categorized into Professional Services, Managed Services, and Security Services to best meet the clients’ needs.


  • Infrastructure as a Service: MOVEUP – Migrate to cloud | Cloud Database | Infrastructure as code | Managed Services;
  • E-commerce: E-Market | Hosting |Opiny – Costumer Success App;
  • Platform as a Service & Software as a Service: Cloud Backup | Corporate Email | Microsoft Cloud Service Provider | PACS;
  • Security: Monitoring | Secure Access | Security 360° – LGPD;
  • WINSPIRE TECH CENTER: Cloud platform and system management | NOC & SOC | Consulting and Projects.


Woohoo is a TV channel in the pay-TV market for more than 20 years and is now undergoing a complete overhaul, becoming the first Gamer channel in Latin America, with many new features and new applications to take its content globally , be it on traditional TV, Streaming platforms, Social Media and much more.


  • SVA para provedores contendo: VOD (Streaming) com conteúdos Games e Esportes, Canal Linear ao vivo, Superapp Surf e Skate, Servidor exclusivo de Minecraft, Plataforma de Campeonatos de Games e E-Sports e Aplicativo Rage Academy com cursos para Gamers.

Zadara Storage e Computação como Serviço

Since 2011, Zadara has simplified operational complexity through automated end-to-end provisioning of computing, storage, and networking resources.

It’s not about equipment rental, but Enterprise Solution paying for consumption alone.

Backed by an NPS rating of 71, the best in the industry, we guarantee a 100% SLA.

As services, we install equipment in your Rack or isolate dedicated hardware in our local cloud at Ascenty.

Zadara operates more than 400 globally distributed cloud brands, supported by a team of world-class IT experts.


  • Computing;
  • Private Cloud;
  • Block Storage;
  • NAS Storage;
  • Object Storage (S3) paid as a service.

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