Campinas 1

Campinas is the largest technology center in Latin America. It was here that Ascenty unveiled its first Data Center, in 2012. Designed and built using the most modern technology available, the Campinas Data Center provides all the infrastructure your company needs to thrive.

This data center is capable of efficiently and securely setting up your company: the environment guarantees redundancy across all systems, including power, cooling, security and connectivity – not to mention its ability to scale to meet your business requirements.

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    6 MW

    total power

    54,000 sq. ft.

    total area




    • Carrier Neutral.
    • Dedicated Telecom meet me rooms.
    • PIX Campinas and direct connection with PIX São Paulo.


    • 24/7 Monitoring using CCTV cameras with high-definitionautomatic movement detection.
    • Dual authentication for accesscontrol using biometric and magnetic cards.


    • Tri-bus redundancy system (three power lines servicing each data hall).
    • Dual diesel fuel storage tanks with 48 hours of fuel autonomy without refueling.


    • Isolated technical corridors for equipament maintenance.
    • Dual coil cold water chiller system.


    Site Power Capacity6.000 kW
    Gross Data Center Space53.81955 ft²
    UPS RedundancyTribus System – Power Generator+Static UPS (N+1)
    Plant Chiller RedundancyN+2 DX
    Data Center StructurePrecast Concrete and Metallic Structure
    Seismic RatingZone 0
    UPS Power Capacity13.185 kVA
    Risk of FloodNo
    Maximum Floor Load Capacity1200 kg/m²
    Compliance CertificationsTier III
    SOC 1
    SOC 2
    SOC 3
    Type II

    Campinas 1
    Strategic Location

    The Data Center is located in the Techno Park, a closed condominium in the Campinas technological pole. It is excellently located with quick access to the region’s main highways.

    Av. Pierre Simon de Laplace, 1211 – Techno Park. Campinas (SP) +55 (11) 3508.8910.