Success Cases

Success cases of Ascenty clients

  • DataSafer

    DataSafer, a company focused on cloud data storage and backup solutions
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  • Marabraz

    Marabraz is a retail chain specialized in furniture and decoration, featuring the top brands in the market. The company has stores spread across Brazil, and also operates an e-commerce channel.

  • DPaschoal

    With over 70 years of experience in the field of automotive services, including tires, brakes, shock absorbers, lubricants, batteries, suspension and others, DPaschoal is a market leader with a continued focus on serving its customers.

  • Elekeiroz

    ELEKEIROZ S.A. is one of Brazil’s leading chemical companies, and a pioneer in the production of various chemical products in the country. Over the years, the company has been investing heavily to expand, update and automate its manufacturing units.

  • MD Systems

    MD Systems needed to guarantee uptime for its customers, making sure they were in a reliable and redundant infrastructure.

  • TW Solutions

    TW Solutions faced the challenge of looking for a partner with Tier 3 certified infrastructure, as it was experiencing downtime issues and constant instability in the environment hosted at a competing data center.

  • Vianet Telecom

    Due to its accelerated growth, Vianet Telecom started having issues with its internal infrastructure, and so it started looking for a data center to migrate its environment. The key requirement is that it should focus on the company’s core business: telecom solutions.