In partnership with Ascenty, Azion consolidates edge interconnectivity in South America

To boost results, the company connected to Ascenty’s operations in São Paulo (SP), Fortaleza (CE) and Santiago de Chile

Ascenty, a provider of data center and connectivity services in Latin America, and Azion, an edge computing platform that serves 45 of the 50 largest e-commerces in Latin America and some of the largest banks in the region, have entered into a partnership to improve the distribution of edge technology to banks, fintechs and retailers across the continent.

Based on the concept of interconnectivity and to boost results, Azion connected to Ascenty’s operations in São Paulo (SP), Fortaleza (CE) and Santiago de Chile, not only to accommodate equipment, but also to distribute technology to customers.

Interconnectivity and low latency
Unlike the Cloud, Edge Computing decentralizes the processing of requests and requires ultra-low latency for applications, with the ability to handle the most diverse types of devices, maintaining high performance and availability while providing a better user experience.

Since the start of the partnership, Azion has seen a 23% improvement in network latency. “Since the start of our collaboration, we have seen significant improvements compared to the previous supplier. To give you an idea, in more than 3 years, we have never had a power outage or unavailability. This stability ties in with one of our differentials: a highly available service,” says Rogério Mariano, Global Head of Network Planning at Azion.

The collaboration, which has been in operation for three years, is enhanced with the addition of Cross Connect, Colocation, Internet Exchange (AICX). The solutions are part of Ascenty’s connectivity ecosystem, which has a dedicated network capable of connecting all the company’s data centers and interconnecting them to the main content and cloud providers, telecommunications operators and third-party data centers.

“Ascenty offers a favorable ecosystem for our business model, helping to bring our customers closer to their end users. In this period, the partnership has allowed us to optimize the processing capacity, resilience and availability of our infrastructure,” concludes Rogério Mariano.