Last Mile

The connection your carrier needed to take the next step further

Ascenty’s infrastructure Broadens your horizon of connection possibilities

In some regions, telecommunication services simply cannot meet every specific need. That is because of how far away these regions are from major centers.

Ascenty developed the Last Mile solution precisely with these scenarios in mind. It allows carrier services to reach future clients who are still out of their communication networks due to their geographical location.

Take your services to more clients

As the name itself hints, this solution offers the last mile of connection, reaching clients through a highly qualified commercial team dedicated entirely to servicing carriers.

Last Mile offers an enormous competitive edge to carriers, ensuring they can tap into the full potential of infrastructure resources with the guaranteed quality of Ascenty’s services.

All of these benefits come with zero red tape and infrastructure investments, cutting down costs and boosting network scalability as needed.

Infraestructure and Availability:

  • 5,000 km of 100% dedicated and recently built fiber-optic network.
  • Guaranteed suitability with no need for adaptations or converters.
  • Interconnection with ISPs.
  • Quality connections.
  • Wide range of speed settings.
  • Service stability.
  • Broader reach.
  • Multiple availability and engagement options.

Excellence and Professionalism:

  • Quick deployment and upgrades, always supported by a highly qualified staff.
  • Easy configuration and possibility of contracting multiple ISPs.
  • Efficient data transportation with optimized packages and protocols.

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