Bogotá 1

Ascenty built its first unit in Colombia, due to the country’s strategic location close the U.S. and Central America.

Liek all other Ascenty Data Centers, the Colombia 2 unit follows the same concept of powerful and cutting-edge infrastructure, offering redundancy and scalability across all systems.

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    12 MW

    total power

    9 MIL M²

    total área


    • Carrier Neutral.
    • Dedicated Telecom meet me rooms.


    • 24/7 Monitoring using CCTV cameras with high-definition automatic movement detection.
    • Dual authentication for access control using biometric and magnetic cards.


    • Tri-bus redundancy system (three power lines servicing each data hall).
    • Dual diesel fuel storage tanks with 48 hours of fuel autonomy without refueling.


    • Isolated technical corridors for equipment maintenance.
    • Dual coil cold water chiller system.

    Bogotá 1-
    Strategic Location:

    Strategically located to meet our clients needs, the Bogota 2 Data Center is the perfect choice for companies seeking security and scalability to store their data.