São Paulo 1

Data Center 1 is part of a complex data center campus that offers security and scalability for local companies.

  • 6 MW total power.
  • 43,000 ft² total area.
  • TR3 certification.
  • Dedicated substation.
  • Carrier Neutral.

São Paulo 2

Data Center 2 was designed to have even more power capacity than SP 1. Its robust infrastructure is prepared to offer the best to Ascenty customers.

  • 14 MW total power.
  • 97,000 ft² total area.
  • TR3 certification.
  • Dedicated substation
  • Carrier Neutral.

São Paulo 3

The largest financial and corporate center in South America, São Paulo is also a hub for technological excellence and home to a large number of startups. Therefore, it is the ideal place for the national leader in data center infrastructure to build its third site in the area.

  • 4 MW total power.
  • 43,000 ft² total area.
  • TR3 certification.

São Paulo Data Centers

A “global city” deserves the very best

São Paulo State is the leading financial center in Brazil, as well as having the country’s largest industrial base. The state’s diversified economy is driven by the textile, chemical, automotive, aeronautical and tech industries.

Its capital city, São Paulo, has the largest municipal GDP in Brazil and is the world’s 10th richest city.

São Paulo is also known as a “global city,” that is, it has access to the world’s major air routes and is the home to several branch offices of transactional companies.

Recognizing the relevance of São Paulo to the Brazilian economy, Ascenty has built three major data center facilities in the city. All of them are strategically located and offer easy access to the city’s major highways and airports.