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Jundiaí 1

The Jundiaí 1 facility was designed to accommodate large-scale, high-power density projects.

  • 15 MW total power.
  • 86,000 ft² total area.
  • TIER III certification.
  • Dedicated substation.
  • Carrier Neutral.

Jundiaí 2

Strategically located next to the Jundiaí 1 site, this data center expands the opportunities for Ascenty’s clients in the area.

  • 13 MW total power.
  • 91,500 ft² total area.
  • TR3 certification.
  • Dedicated substation.
  • Carrier Neutral.

Jundiaí Data Centers

Ascenty helps add to one of the largest GDPs in São Paulo State

For quite some time now, the city of Jundiaí has been one of the largest municipal GDPs in São Paulo State. In fact, it is fourth in the statewide ranking, behind Campinas, Osasco and the state capital, São Paulo.

Therefore, local companies require lots of technological support to continue expanding. To help with that process, Ascenty has built two data centers in Jundiaí, both ready to meet the demands of one of Brazil’s largest manufacturing and logistical hubs.