IP Link

Superior availability and 100% connectivity guaranteed.

Seamless connectivity and speed.

Even the largest telecom carriers can struggle with unexpected service downtime.

However, in a highly competitive market, even the smallest of bumps can cause massive damages to companies’ image, productivity and business activities.

The Link IP solution integrates multiple telecom carriers to Ascenty’s physical structure, boosting the supply of connectivity through IP redundancy.

If any carrier within Ascenty’s backbone becomes unavailable, all of the data are immediately transmitted through a different carrier automatically.

Link ip Ascenty

Multiple-carrier redundancy to guarantee connectivity for your business

In technical terms, Ascenty’s Link IP solution mitigates the impact caused by potential connectivity service downtime events, always ensuring superior security and reliability.

Link IP is recommended for companies that require flawless internet connection. In other words, a fast, stable and always available connection to support corporate processes, such as data uploads and downloads, videoconferences, exchange of information between employees, etc.

Investing in this solution is crucial for companies looking to scale their business. After all, it ensures the contracted speed is always available with unlimited traffic. Your company will also rely on high availability and state-of-the-art technology.

Connectivity and Availability

  • Extremely high availability and lower latency.
  • Connection with no data transfer limits.
  • Stable internet access and guaranteed service availability.
  • Corporate IP backbone to ensure superior access availability and security.
  • Quality network connection with multiple speed options available.
  • Scalable bandwidth use.

Excellence and Professionalism

  • High-performing routing equipment to support multiple applications and protocols.
  • Dedicated company access with 100% bandwidth guaranteed.
  • Efficient installation and specialized, year-round 24/7 customer service.

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