Anti DDoS

Your company must always be protected against attacks.

When your company is targeted by DDoS attacks, business activities can be severely compromised. Even if your connection downtime is minimal.

Ascenty’s Anti-DDoS solution eliminates this problem.

Ascent’s Anti-DDoS Solution: How it works?

The Anti-DDoS solution works with a flow sensor and/or a packet server (for in-line servers, port mirroring or network TAPs). Therefore, protection against DDoS is guaranteed through sophisticated analysis algorithms that detect malicious traffic based on a granular approach.

Through this approach, the Anti-DDoS solution scans through traffic intelligently, without affecting your company’s network performance or the user experience.

Benefits of Ascenty’s Anti-DDoS Solution for your Company:


  • Ascenty guarantees the availability of your company’s accesses even during eventual DDoS attacks.


  • The traffic cleaning and mitigation capacity can be greater than the IP bandwidth allocated for your company, which mitigates a superior volume of attacks and avoids downtime due to overwhelming internet traffic.


  • The Anti-DDoS solution was designed to protect your company’s network against today’s main threats, as well as unauthorized traffic, which is one of the main issues responsible for network jamming.


  • You can count on Ascenty’s efficiency in detecting any attacks your company may receive.

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