Rio de Janeiro 1

The Rio de Janeiro 1 Data Center is located in an industrial district, and offers easy access to Rio’s airports.

  • 10 MW total power.
  • 7,000 sqm total area
  • Dedicated substation
  • Carrier Neutral.

Rio de Janeiro 2

In order to meet the city’s growing IT demands, Ascenty built the Rio de Janeiro Data Center 2. The site also has high storage and power capacity and high redundancy.

  • 3 MW total power.
  • 3,500 sqm total area.
  • Dedicated substation.
  • Carrier Neutral.

Rio de Janeiro Data Centers

Two sites to serve one of Brazil’s largest cities

The city of Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s second economic hub. Known internationally as the “Marvelous City,” it features a large industrial base and is a top destination for tourists from all over the world.

Because of its prominence, Rio is also home to the headquarters of major domestic and multinational companies. With a view to meeting the needs of all these organizations, Ascenty built two robust data centers in Rio. Both are strategically located in an industrial district and offer easy access to the city’s airports.