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  • Ascenty’s tried-and-true reliability delivers superior performance for your business
  • We deliver state-of-the art infrastructure security and redundancy for your company. To ensure the operational continuity of your business with superior quality, reliability and availability, Ascenty’s expertise was thoroughly reviewed, recognized and certified by the main international entities in the industry.

  • Our entire infrastructure, services and professionals are supported by top international certifications. In addition, the certification process of each Ascenty Data Center regarding information security and IT management goes beyond technical aspects, also guaranteeing the continuity of customer business and services.
  • Infrastructure UP Time Tier III, TR3 TÜV Rheinland and SOC

    Tier III

    The Uptime Institute’s tier system classifies Data Centers according to their infrastructure, based on redundancy standards.

    The Tiers are extremely important to ensure infrastructure availability for your company, guaranteeing that the environments are always available to avoid any risk to your operations.

    The Uptime Institute applies the Tier standard to assess the level of quality and reliability of the entire infrastructure supporting Data Centers.

    Benefits for your company

    • Availability of 99.982%, and Ascenty guarantees 100% infrastructure availability;
    • Infrastructure with redundant capacity components to ensure an availability of 99.982%;
    • Multiple independent distribution paths servicing IT equipment;
    • Dual-feed IT equipment fully compatible with the local architecture topology.

    TR3 TÜV

    The TR3 certification by TÜV Rheinland attests the Data Center’s compliance with required specifications related to the project, assembly, installation, operation, maintenance, sustainability, and technical documentation, as well as the execution of works, integrated commissioning tests, and operation audits.

    The certification rules are based on the ANSI/TIA 942 – Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Center. In addition, the review process encompasses a wide range of different criteria, such as monitoring measurements, tests, verifications of operation and performance of equipment, accessories and systems (cooling, security, access control, CCTV, fire detection/firefighting, and electrical networks), in addition to processing and interface among all agents, across different environments and normal use conditions.

    Benefits for your company

    • Guaranteed Data Center availability and security;
    • Ascenty’s commitment with the quality of systems and the workforce operating Data Centers;
    • Infrastructure with redundancy capacity for all systems.


    Besides complying with the Tier system standard, Ascenty also holds the SOC certifications. Both certifications attest to the efficiency of our processes and controls of physical security.

    Benefits for your company

    • Compliance requirements: demonstrate to regulatory agencies that all controls are implemented, operating and duly monitored.
    • Additional cost savings with auditors, since Ascenty’s certification is an added benefit to your company.
  • Information security

    The growing volume of information available and constant threats to corporate environments require more investment and attention from companies. The ISO 27001 standard was created in this scenario to establish the global standard for Information Security management in IT environments.

    The ISO 27001 is granted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the leading certifying organization in the development and publication of international standards. The ISO defines the proper standard to establish, implement, operate, monitor, review and manage Information Security Management Systems. The ISO 27001 covers more than 100 aspects, such as:

    • Information Security Organization and Policies;
    • Access Control;
    • Encryption;
    • Supply Chain;
    • Human Resources, among several others.

    Benefits for your company 

    The ISO 27001 certification acknowledges Ascenty’s commitment to protect the strategic value of its customers’ information, across all aspects and stages:

    • Reliability – restricting access to information;
    • Integrity – ensuring that the original content and characteristics of information are preserved, even when the information is processed;
    • Availability – keeping the information always available for its rightful use.

  • Services ISO 20000

    Finding a reliable partner for your company raises a few questions. This is also true when contracting a Data Center. Will the IT infrastructure available be enough? Is it aligned to the business needs? Do they have proper technical support?

    Considering these doubts and uncertainties, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) created the ISO/IEC 20000 certification: the first global standard specifically targeting the quality of IT services. It reassures businessowners that the contracted solutions and/or partners comply with best practices and constantly improve all services offered.

    Benefits for your company

    • Assurance that all services are standardized and based on best market practices;
    • Assurance of efficient control over the quality of contracted services;
    • In addition, this certification reassures Ascenty’s total dedication to service each client based on their specific needs.
  • Financial transactions PCI-DDS

    The higher the volume of financial transactions, the more attempts of fraud, password theft and other virtual threats. The PCI Security Standards Council was created to tackle these threats: an organization created under an initiative of the payment industry. Its goal is to develop and disseminate security standards regarding data protection.

    The PCI standard was created in 2006 by a committee featuring the top credit card brands worldwide. From that point on, the IT environment security requirements to process data from these cards were established. The PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Security Standard) ensures the security of environments and protection of data from credit card transactions

    Benefits for your company

    With the PCI-DSS certification, Ascenty ensures full compliance with international security requirements to process credit cards, including the protection of credit card data environments against unauthorized access.

  • 9001 – Quality Management

    Focusing on the excellence of services delivered, quality management ensures to clients and suppliers a standardization based on a set of technical standards outlining a quality management model. To ensure superior efficiency, a documentation management process was implemented to reach specific quality goals, creating processes and procedures to boost efficiency and quality in our staff’s activities.

    The benefits of the ISO 9001 extend across multiple business areas. Evidently, market expansion and visibility is one of the most sought after, but it is important to remember that “Quality” applies to all meanings, both professionally and personally.


    • waste reduction;
    • identification of problems in processes;
    • customer loyalty;
    • greater internal organization
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  • Environment ISO 14001

    Amidst rising concerns with the destruction of natural areas, higher pollution areas and climate changes, adopting sustainable practices has never been so important. In this sense, Ascenty is a pioneer in its segment: in 2016, it became the first Data Center company to receive the ISO 14001 certification.

    The certification is based on the international standard established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It defines the requirements to properly implement and operate a sustainable environmental management system. Companies that adopt this standard invest and contribute to disseminating proper social and environmental practices across a wide range of aspects:

    • Environmental quality;
    • Corporate social responsibility;
    • Occupational health and safety.

    Benefits for your company

    The ISO 14001 certification attests that Ascenty operates in accordance with applicable laws and with complete respect to the environment, thus contributing towards promoting proper social and environmental quality across the globe.

    • Security of having data hosted in Data Centers that use renewable energy;
    • Environment designed to detect and eradicate fires with eco-friendly foam;
    • Efficiency and real-time monitoring of processes, since all of Ascenty’s processes are duly registered in management tools, based on the Zero Paper program.
  • Anti-bribery ISO 37001

    Guided by the commitment of conducting business activities in an ethical and professional manner, Ascenty is currently undergoing the ISO 37001 certification process, which is the Anti-Bribery Management System developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

    This certification attests to Ascenty’s integrity across all areas of operation, guaranteeing the deployment and application of effective anti-bribery and anti-corruption systems.

    Benefits for your company

    • Assurance that the company focuses on ensuring honest and ethical business activities;
    • Assurance of efficient anti-bribery and anti-corruption controls;
    • In addition, this certification reassures Ascenty’s total dedication to operating with integrity and ethics
  • Energy Management ISO 50001

    Energy is the primary input for the seamless operation of a data center. With that in mind, Ascenty, which has more than 20 high-energy data centers, is focused on ensuring that its systems are energy efficient. The company works to train and empower its technical staff to ensure the continuous improvement of its processes, always in compliance with the applicable legal requirements.

    Benefits for your company

    • Guarantee that Ascenty is concerned with operating its infrastructure as efficiently as possible.
    • The satisfaction of knowing that the highest energy efficiency provides a greener performance.
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management

    Enables organization to identify key issues that can impact operations both positively and negatively, in order to manage its occupational health and safety responsibilities towards its employees, deliver services with excellence and safety, and focus on zero-incidents across the entire staff.

    Benefits for your company

    • reduction of occupational accidents and illnesses
    • promotion of a culture of prevention
    • greater compliance with legal and other requirements
    • incorporation of best management practices
    • more organized work processes

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