Ascenty and Oracle demonstrate results between cloud computing and on-premises integration

Arising from the partnership between the two companies, FastConnect allows moving data between different infrastructures up to 10 times faster

Ascenty, the largest data center and connectivity service provider in Latin America, and Oracle expanded their partnership to interconnect the Oracle Solution Center to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), through FastConnect, in order to demonstrate real cases of migration between on-premises solutions and public clouds.

Through a dedicated data link, Ascenty connects to two zones of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), located in the cities of Vinhedo (SP) and São Paulo (SP), enabling Oracle service performance demonstrations to clients within the company’s Solution Center located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This initiative allows companies to witness integrated solutions at work in real time, enabling a range of speed, connectivity, latency and security tests. “We experience this almost everyday at Oracle Solution Center: customers interested in moving their workloads from On-premises to the cloud have security and interconnection concerns. Having a high-performance interconnection partner like Ascenty allows us to present new forms and all details regarding hybrid connectivity. This helps clients to make better decisions when migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI),” said João Paulo Lunardelli, Director of the Oracle Solution Center in Latin America.

Ascenty provides access to various telecommunications companies and has its own network spanning over 5,000 km. This allows connecting the main areas of the country, enabling smooth and accurate demonstration experiences.

“This collaboration with Oracle brings about a shift in the storage and connectivity market mindset. This integration enables companies from different sectors to understand the best alternatives for data storage, integration, and connectivity, ushering in a new perspective for interconnecting solutions that can complement each other,” said João Walter Bio Razori, Product Manager at Ascenty.

Consolidated partnership

The partnership between the companies, offering dedicated and private access to the Oracle Cloud through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect, enables clients to access their cloud-based data and applications through a completely reliable network, resulting in enhanced performance, advanced control, flexibility, and scalability in accessing critical data and functions.

Ascenty’s direct and physical connection with the Oracle Cloud ensures high-capacity connections (up to 100 Gbps), lower latency, and support for various security frameworks tailored to specific needs.

Agile, secure and fast connection

During tests and demonstrative actions, the interconnection facilitated by the companies through Fast Connect allowed transferring 50GB files in 9 minutes – approximately 3 times faster compared to the average public internet use, estimated at 25 minutes.

“Some of our clients have already experienced this solution, which by itself answers potential questions related to aspects like connectivity, speed, and security. The data transfer time is evidence that amplifies the discussion about scalability with the cloud as the starting point for hybrid environments,” added Razori

These and other indicators will be presented during Oracle CloudWorld, in Las Vegas. On September 20, João Walter Bio Razori and João Paulo Lunardelli will share the experiences and results of clients with five real use cases showcasing the effectiveness of the data link between Oracle and Ascenty.

“Oracle has the fastest-growing public cloud in the market, and the connectivity and low latency offered by Ascenty are some of the major highlights of this partnership. Its fully scalable approach ensures our clients thrive amidst changes. This alliance is essential for clients’ peace of mind, based on the solid coverage of these aspects,” said Lunardelli.[1] 

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