Ascenty’s leadership meets with state authorities in Mexico

With two data centers in operation and one under construction in Querétaro, Ascenty is in talks with the Mexican government to explore expanding its technology and connectivity business in the country

Directors of Ascenty, a leader in the Latin American data center market, met last month, with authorities at the Government Palace of the State of Querétaro, Mexico, to discuss expanding the company’s business in the country.

With two data centers in operation and a third under construction in the city of Santiago de Querétaro, Ascenty discussed with Mexican representatives opportunities to expand its telecommunications infrastructure and power supply solutions, among other issues pertaining to the technology and connectivity business.

The company currently operates the following data centers in Mexico: Mexico 1, a 20,000 sq. mt. site with 21 MW in total power; Mexico 2, spanning 24,000 sq. mt. with 31 MW in power capacity; and Mexico 3, scheduled to go live in the first quarter of 2025, with a site area of 20,000 sq. mt. and 21 MW in power. In all, the company has already invested over BRL 1 billion [USD 200 million] in Mexico.

“Mexico and Brazil are the largest economies in Latin America and together account for more than 50% of regional GDP, as well as being among the 20 largest economies in the world. Therefore, having our world-class data center services in the country is key in securing our regional leadership,” explains Gustavo Sousa, Ascenty’s CFO.

In addition to Sousa, the meeting was attended by Mauricio Kuri, governor of Querétaro; Marco Del Prete, Querétaro’s secretary of sustainable development; Mauricio Reys, engineer from Querétaro’s Electrical Energy Agency (AEEQ); Felipe Caballero, vice president of Projects, Engineering and Construction at Ascenty; Arturo Bravo, director of Ascenty’s Data Centers in Mexico; and Adriana Cerecedo, founding partner of GLA-Gestion Legal y Ambiental.