Ascenty to broadcast Globoplay

Latin America’s largest data center company provides wider reach and improved connectivity for content on Globo’s streaming platform

Ascenty, the leader in colocation in Latin America, with 34 data centers in operation and/or under construction in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Colombia, has signed an interconnection partnership with Globo to distribute digital content, such as the Globoplay streaming platform.

The connection will take place through a new point of presence for Globo at the São Paulo Campus and integration with Ascenty’s peering platform, the Ascenty Internet Connectivity Exchange (AICX). Thus, all content production will be integrated into a carrier-neutral, low-latency connectivity ecosystem with world-class infrastructure. This digital environment relies on the presence of leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and operators, as well as direct partnerships with Internet exchange companies, expanding the reach for Globo’s streaming platform.

“In just a few months with Globo in our ecosystem, we have already seen a significant increase in traffic within the AICX solution, as well as new requests for direct connection to the partner, which boosts interconnection opportunities and demonstrates the provision of scalability for our partners and customers,” said João Walter, Executive Manager of Products, Solutions and Edge Strategy at Ascenty.

“Looking to improve the quality and speed in the delivery of Globoplay and other Globo digital products, we are increasing the options for internet carriers and providers to interconnect with us. With the partnership with Ascenty, we have new direct interconnection options at the São Paulo Campus, through the AICX peering platform,” says Claudiney Soares, Globo’s Peering Coordinator.

Through its own 5,000 km fiber-optic network spread across Brazil, Ascenty’s data centers are interconnected to the country’s three submarine cable stations in Praia Grande, Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza. Thus, in addition to excellent connectivity in Latin America, Ascenty’s digital ecosystem also enables low-latency data exchanges with countries in North America, Africa, and Europe.