Ascenty is recognized as Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan for the third year running

Top nomination positions the company at the forefront of the Brazilian Data Center market and attests to best practices focused on innovation, performance, and customer service

Ascenty, the largest provider of data center and connectivity services in Latin America, was recognized by Frost & Sullivan as Company of the Year in the data center industry in the Best Practices Company of the Yearreport. The award, which considers companies at the forefront of innovation and growth in their respective sectors, features a detailed assessment of best practices in different companies in the sector.

The evaluated criteria include aspects directly linked to the business’s performance in visionary innovation and customer impact. Some notable criteria are leadership focus, performance value, purchase experience, customer service, and brand equity.

In addition to leading in evaluative aspects, Ascenty stands out for consolidating its authority. By focusing on providing infrastructure services, it refines its approach to connectivity and offers cloud connection services with various speed options. The report also highlighted the company’s “excellent” Net Promoter Score, from 75 to 100 points, which it received for the fifth year in a row.

“The recognition attests to the work we have been doing with a focus on improving our solutions and customer experience. As one of the largest colocation providers in Brazil, we have been consolidating our leadership year after year by focusing on delivering quality infrastructure services, optimizing our connectivity approach and offering multi-connection services, which directly contribute to the smooth running of our partners’ businesses,” highlights Marcos Siqueira, VP of Operations at Ascenty.

Differentiated connectivity

According to Frost & Sullivan, among Data Center providers, Ascenty also remains at the forefront in terms of connectivity. By positioning itself as carrier-neutral, the company provides access to several telecommunications companies and has a network covering more than 5,000 km. Thus, it is able to connect the main points of the country, reducing the risk of downtime or service interruptions in its structure.

Ascenty also has a portfolio of more than 200 certifications, including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 45001 and ISO 14001 certifications, which qualify the company’s operations differently than other market players.

Sustainable Data Centers

To define the best Company of the Year in the category, Frost & Sullivan also evaluated initiatives related to the promotion of sustainability and testified Ascenty’s commitment to sustainable energy generation, with the development of Data Centers that provide an operation with less impact on the environment.

In recent years, the company has achieved “carbon neutral” status under the Brazilian Greenhouse Gas Program (GHG Protocol) and invested in photovoltaic plants, which convert solar radiation into electricity, optimizing energy use and improving efficiency in its data centers. Since 2021, 100% of the electricity used by Ascenty has come from renewable sources, either through purchases on the free energy market or through compensation via iRECs, directly corroborating its sustainable commitment.

“The company has established itself as a trusted partner for the customer’s digital transformation journey thanks to its industry expertise, state-of-the-art infrastructure and excellent services. Frost & Sullivan believes that Ascenty is poised to consolidate its position as the leading provider in the market.”

– Valentina Barcia

Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Research Analyst

Access the full report here.