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  • With its Colocation and Connectivity solutions, Ascenty is part of Elekeiroz’s Disaster Recovery Plan.

  • The design includes a dedicated and redundant connection (L2L) between the environments where the data is replicated, Colocation – a space for hosting the equipment that supports critical applications and the firewall and switches infrastructure needed to help Elekeiroz implement its recovery plan.

  • Now Elekeiroz relies on a disaster-ready redundant operation. Its critical systems are replicated to a data center that follows all the standards and certifications required by the industry.

“We value fast and efficient service, we like to interact and learn from our partners. Ascenty brought these qualities with its services, and over these 5 years of partnership, we feel extremely confident in relying on its services. I recommend Ascenty for the quality they delivered, their after-sales staff and their support, accessibility and value generation. I am grateful for the differentiated service they have provided in all the projects we have done with them. I’m honored to be giving this testimonial.”


Tise Sonoda  Fagundez

IT Coordinator