High performance and flexibility to help your company grow.

You can count on the best connectivity solutions

In today’s world, having good connectivity is no longer a competitive edge for companies. It is now an essential need. After all, it provides multiple benefits for the business, including optimizing time, cutting costs and improving the overall work routine.

In this scenario, all corporate strategies rely on good effective network connectivity to succeed. Isn’t that right?

From the smallest business to the largest corporation, connectivity is essential, considering the enormous volume of information circulating. In addition, all of these data surrounding companies must also be available to stakeholders. Always protected against potential attacks, for example. This means always keeping a close eye on data!

Km of dedicated fiber optic network


Buildings covered

Data Centers in operation

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Data Centers that adapt to your business

Ascenty’s carrier-neutral Data Centers allow you to use your own network or choose a carrier that best meets your needs. Since our Data Centers are not linked to a specific Telecom carrier or provider, your company is not limited to a single service alternative. This translates into complete versatility to meet your business needs.

We can also take care of your entire network to make it fast, stable and secure. This ensures efficient and secure access to the information you need.

Professionalism and infrastructure quality

At Ascenty, your company always has access to the best in terms of infrastructure and professionalism. Our certified team is always at your service. We guarantee the security you need for your company’s connectivity, as well as access resilience and availability.


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