TW Solutions

TW Solutions is a Telecom company with a focus on voice and virtual PBX, Customer Hotlines, Call Centers and voice solutions for corporate customers.

Business challenge

The company faced the challenge of looking for a partner with Tier 3 certified infrastructure, as it was experiencing downtime issues and constant instability in the environment hosted at a competing data center. TW Solutions businesses cannot be down, so availability is a major strategic factor for the company.


We made a simple starting offer, Colocation with 25 Mbps of IP bandwidth. At first, our differential was the quick response by our sales team, we closed and signed the deal after one day of conversations, and we continued to delight with our activation, delivery and support.


With the agreement, TW Solutions gained stability and confidence in its environment, which are passed along to its customers by extension. In 6 months, he visited the Data Center only once during activation and experienced no instability, which is why he will migrate their entire environment to Ascenty.


“What I like most about Ascenty is actually the entire set of benefits they offer. Easy access to activate smart hands services, easy-to-handle emergency activities and a structured process for visiting the data center, in addition to excellent service stability, of course – it has never been down since we acquired the service. These are the reasons why I am 100% satisfied with Ascenty’s services, including their sales support, design and technical implementation.

The first time I went to the Data Center, the receptionist took me to the door to our rack, this is a huge difference maker. I would definitely recommend Ascenty to colleagues. It is a very reliable company, committed to supporting its customers’ operations, and it values service stability and having an agile team that is always focused on the customer’s business, without any of the bureaucracy you usually find in the market.”

Lucas Lobo – Information Technology Coordinator