With over 70 years of experience in the field of automotive services, including tires, brakes, shock absorbers, lubricants, batteries, suspension and others, DPaschoal is a market leader with a continued focus on serving its customers.

Business challenge

After an internal restructuring, DPaschoal saw the opportunity to refurbish its IT environment, which until then was operated in-house. The company was looking for a partner that could meet all of its demands for a world-class environment.


With Colocation solutions at two different Ascenty data centers, combined with the Connectivity provided by our own optical fiber, we keep DPaschoal’s IT infrastructure up and running.

We have the production environment and the disaster environment (DR) connected through a dedicated L2L link, which also connects the company’s headquarters. There is also a Cloud Connect connection, which physically and directly interconnects the DPaschoal Azure cloud environment.

In addition, Cross Connection allows DPaschoal to connect directly with other Ascenty customers, contributing to the development of the business.


With all this change in its IT environment, DPaschoal now has a much more secure and scalable environment, without having to worry about the maintenance that a data center requires. In addition, the company has increased the possibilities of connecting with other important players in Ascenty’s data centers.


“We place great trust in the company, which, in addition to the data center solution, also offers a fiber optic network to connect our customers. Everything related to facility access control (physical security), electricity and air conditioning is managed by Ascenty, which brings great peace of mind. We are very satisfied because we haven’t had any issues since we started our partnership.”

Marcos Ap. de Lima – Infrastructure and Information Security Manager