NVIDIA ratifies Ascenty as a data center, interconnection and telecom partner to support its customers’ digital services expansion strategy

New partnership offers highly efficient data centers with high density to support the key demands for processing and technological solutions

Ascenty, leader in the colocation market in Latin America – with 27 proprietary data centers in Brazil, Chile and Mexico, 17 of which are already in operation and another 10 are under construction –, announces a new partnership with NVIDIA, a company that redefined modern computer graphics, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence (AI).

The partnership between the companies consists of the ratification of Ascenty’s data centers to host a wide range of NVIDIA Enterprise environments and solutions, which allow customers of both companies to leverage what each player has to offer, enabling the integration of platforms through hybrid environments and high-capacity global interconnects.

NVIDIA has several offerings and solutions, developed to meet the needs of cloud computing, edge computing, networking, virtualization, artificial intelligence, in addition to software solutions with embedded high technology.

According to Marcio Aguiar, director of NVIDIA’s Enterprise Division for Latin America, “This partnership enables Ascenty’s data centers to receive our solutions and those that are sized for our customers. This increases the reach of technology, accelerating digital transformation and bringing a high standard of data centers and connectivity for our offering, strengthening and empowering our customers.”

As for Ascenty, the partnership is the result of focus on the services provided, where the data center, the interconnection and the high level of technology provide a scenario that is very much in line with the company’s current and future interests. “We complement each other’s offerings and deliver what is best for our customers. In particular, we are committed to high quality interconnection, security and flexibility in services. Therefore, it is natural that we mutually recommend each other to amplify our business opportunities,” says João Walter, Executive Product Manager at Ascenty.

Ascenty continues to bet strongly on its carrier neutral policy, always aiming to act fairly and ethically so that telecom operators and ISPs can continue to access its data centers and increase the reach of its wide ecosystem, in addition to enhancing the traffic exchange points of IX.br, which currently operates in several data centers.

According to the Ascenty executive, “our main role is to ensure that our customers are able to access the content they need, regardless of where the content is hosted. Therefore, we created a unique ecosystem concept, which breaks the barriers of interconnection.”