TW Solutions

  • TW Solutions faced the challenge of looking for a partner with Tier 3 certified infrastructure, as it was experiencing downtime issues and constant instability in the environment hosted at a competing data center.

  • Ascenty made a simple starting offer: Colocation with 25 Mbps of IP bandwidth.

  • With the agreement, TW Solutions gained stability and confidence in its environment, which are passed along to its customers by extension.

“What I like most about Ascenty is actually the entire set of benefits they offer. Easy access to activate smart hands services, easy-to-handle emergency activities and a structured process for visiting the data center, in addition to excellent service stability, of course – it has never been down since we acquired the service. These are the reasons why I am 100% satisfied with Ascenty’s services, including their sales support, design and technical implementation.”

Lucas Lobo

Information Technology Coordinator