• Marabraz needed to migrate its on-premise environment to the cloud, and the biggest challenge was to have a direct, secure and fast connection with that environment.

  • With its cloud connect solution, Ascenty connected Marabraz head offices to its entire Oracle cloud environment.

  • Now Marabraz has a flexible and scalable environment in the Oracle cloud. In addition, the company relies on maximum security and the lowest latency in the market to connect this environment.

“We chose Ascenty mainly because of their excellent structure, which has been demonstrated during their visits, and because of the trust that their large customers have placed on them. Some of their key differentials include service stability, flexibility and the assurance of a hassle-free handling of issues that demand agility. They really offer superior service, especially when it comes to escalating all the way up to the CEO. This shows how it is a serious company, committed to the success of its clients.”

Gerson Nascimento Junior

IT Infrastructure Manager