DataSafer, a company focused on cloud data storage and backup solutions.

Business challenge

DataSafer faced the challenge of implementing its own high-quality cloud infrastructure (to match that of leading cloud providers), with few financial resources to start the project.


Ascenty sealed the strategic partnership offering world-class Data Center infrastructure, certified by the main institutions in the market, with competitive prices and helped the company to strengthen itself in the cloud sector.


The flexibility to expand the contracted environment quickly and gradually was another factor responsible for sustaining DataSafer’s growth in the market. In addition, Ascenty has also boosted the company’s business by recommending DataSafer’s services to new customers, with the possibility of contracting the solutions through an internal interconnection (cross connect), with direct, fast and secure access to the backup environment. cloud hosted in your data center.


“The choice of Ascenty as a private cloud infrastructure was supported by Ascenty’s vision for the quality of services, high availability and differentiated customer service. Ascenty combines a reliable operation with a close working relationship to meet our needs. Year after year, DataSafer is increasingly satisfied with having chosen Ascenty as a data center provider and a strategic partner.’

Walber A. Castro – Diretor Executivo