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How does an interconnection platform drive your digital evolution? 

We’ve been hearing of digital transformation for a few years now. Many companies have achieved this goal, but as the world constantly changes, a new concept has emerged: digital evolution

As businesses strive to be more efficient, cut costs and gain a real competitive advantage, they need to invest in widespread transformation that is always ready for progress. 

Has your business entered this new era? In this content, we’d like to talk about the role of an interconnection platform in the corporate digital evolution journey. Stay with us and find out! 

But what do we mean by digital evolution? 

Digital evolution is the next stage of the digital transformation journey, based on proactive, self-learning management — far superior to advanced automation. 

This is the new focus of modern companies. This is because, far beyond the collaboration between IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology), they are both fully integrated. 

In this scenario, hybrid IT stands out and the digital infrastructure is evolving so that we can access data in real time. Remember that the infrastructure is now easily scalable and flexible, allowing businesses to optimize their results and processes at all times. 

digital evolution

How does an interconnection platform contribute to your digital evolution? 

To achieve digital evolution, organizations need a flexible and integrated digital infrastructure platform. This is because data will need to be stored and accessed quickly, regardless of where it is. 

With increasingly complex workloads, robust infrastructures are the pillar for running applications and processing the information that is essential for the business to thrive. 

It’s worth noting that the spread of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is setting the pace for this evolution. To extract the full potential of the technology, companies are looking for low latency, scalability and high performance.  

Now, to answer the question, how does an interconnection platform help you reach the level of digital evolution? Check it out! 

Supporting the demand for data, networks, partners and technologies 

Digital evolution depends on a unified ecosystem of data, networks, partners and technologies. The interconnection platform delivers all this, expanding your power of choice and giving you the flexibility to contract what your company needs. 

Fast and secure data traffic 

Your data needs to be in the right place at the right time, but this traffic needs to be highly secure. Acting as a unified environment, the interconnection platform is able to add these benefits and boost Data Driven management. 

Advanced connectivity for hybrid IT 

These days, enterprise infrastructures and data are scattered around the globe. The interconnection platform enables fast and secure connectivity between all data sources, including various clouds and physical environments. 

Partnerships with global suppliers 

The world is becoming more and more globalized and having the best partners can be a competitive advantage. That’s why being part of an integration ecosystem drives innovation and helps you expand your operations abroad.  

Sustainable infrastructure 

Sustainability is a watchword in the business world, especially when it comes to technology suppliers. When you interconnect with a platform of services and products, you can adapt to the scenario and comply with global rules. 

What role do data centers play in this digital evolution? 

A study by Fortune Business Insights revealed that the worldwide demand for advanced technologies together with the benefits of modern connectivity are some of the factors driving the data center market.  

According to the research, this market is expected to reach an impressive $142.31 billion by 2027. The study by Global Market Insights indicates that the data center industry is expected to grow by 12% a year until 2028. 

What is behind this growth? Without question, the use of digital services around the world. Consumers and companies are becoming increasingly digital and data centers are at the heart of this ecosystem. 

So, when we talk about digital evolution, it’s impossible not to think about the importance of data storage. Regardless of your niche or size, it is essential to store data in a secure and connected environment. 

In this sense, Ascenty’s data centers are 100% carrier neutral. In other words, there are no barriers to interconnection. You can choose the public cloud providers you want, and we guarantee secure and fast data traffic for your business. 

Another distinguishing feature of Ascenty’s network is the direct connection with the largest cloud providers on the market. So we have a robust ecosystem ready for your company’s current and future needs.  

ServiceFabric™: meet Digital Realty’s interconnection platform 

ServiceFabric™ is the interconnection platform that allows large enterprises to manage their global connectivity. In other words, it connects your business to the digital infrastructure it needs to thrive. 

We’re talking about an ecosystem that drives the digital economy. This is because it ensures full interconnection of data, services, clouds, environments and locations.  

The product is part of the portfolio of Digital Realty, the world’s largest data center company and Ascenty’s investor. This means that Ascenty customers have access to it all! 

The combination of Ascenty’s Colocation with Digital Realty’s platform is an important step in its digital evolution. Talk to our team now and ask any questions you may have!