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Disaster Recovery

Guaranteed full availability for your corporate services.

Ascenty works hard to make sure your company never stops.

Even the shortest interruption of an efficient data flow can have severe consequences for your business. In other words, your company needs an efficient and 100% available infrastructure to ensure business continuity, even when facing critical situations.

That is why the Disaster Recovery plan is crucial for your business. Through it, Ascenty guarantees IT operation in critical scenarios, enabling business continuity and complete autonomy.

Ascenty’s Disaster Recovery solution involves a set of policies and procedures to be adopted, allowing the full recovery of your company’s technology infrastructure. Everything is designed to eliminate issues arising from natural disasters, equipment problems, operation errors, lack of connectivity and hacker attacks.

Benefits of Ascenty’s Disaster Recovery service

The very best infrastructure for your company to deal with critical situations


  • World-class infrastructure, with interconnected and strategically distributed Data Centers.


  • Disaster Recovery projects with the quality, flexibility and security that your company needs.


  • Dedicated fiber-optic network spanning across more than 4,500 kilometers, connecting all key points and ensuring business continuity for your company at all times.

High capacity and availability:

  • Ascenty’s network guarantees superior performance and data replication, not to mention the lowest latency and highest SLA in the Brazilian market.

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