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Deployment Solutions

Expertise to help your
Data Center migration process

Back-to-back support: from planning to deployment.

Ascenty offers specialized support to its clients to help install or migrate their IT environments.

Everything is done with maximum efficiency – from planning to deployment.

A high-level solution that follows all layout, cabling, energy density and security specifications, meeting all demands in the following items:

  • Colocation environment layout
  • Cage design
  • Network and connectivity requirements
  • Interconnection of hybrid environments
  • Cooling optimization
  • Surveillance
  • Security

Benefits of the Deployment Solutions

Tailored service to meet your company’s Data Center migration needs


  • All strategies developed by Ascenty in IT projects are aligned to best market practices, streamlining all deployment and operation processes.


  • Guided by a standardized methodology and comprehensive follow-up, Ascenty is always in control of the progress of deployment projects at your company. In addition, project completion is optimized and always based on documentation support.


  • Ascenty provides direct connection with the top cloud providers worldwide, either for deployment in data centers or for interconnection and connectivity, guaranteeing excellence in connection quality.


  • Your company will have access to optimized practices in deployment project development to avoid delays, rework and additional costs.

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