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A business transformation journey
Sustainability, social and environmental responsibility

Absolute priority to environmental, social and governance issues

A company’s success is not measured only by its financial results, but also by its commitment towards society and the future of our planet.

Adoption of ESG standards is a current trend in large companies worldwide, but Ascenty has been going it for years. For us, commitment to best practices in environmental, social and governance issues is an absolute priority.

2023 Sustainability, Social and Governance Report (ESG)

In 2023, we will expand our Integrated Management System (SGI), implementing, managing and certifying three new management areas: Quality Management, Business Continuity Management, Occupational Health and Safety Management.

This puts us at a high level when it comes to focusing and prioritizing an ESG conduct.

In this report, we have gathered our main actions and results related to ESG. We believe that, more than ever, these actions should guide our business and performance.

Environmental Factors

Use of natural resources, greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, methane gas), energy efficiency, pollution, effluent and waste management.

Social Factors

Work relations and policies, inclusion and diversity, employee engagement, workforce qualification, human rights, relationship with communities, data protection and privacy

Governance Factors

Board independence, senior management compensation policy, diversity in the board of directors, structure of audit and supervisory committees, ethics and transparency.

Ascenty chose to use 100% clean energy, with 100% of the electricity used in our data centers originating from renewable sources (incentivized) and the remaining offset by acquiring I-RECs

Renewable use of Electricity

At Ascenty, we have always opted to use renewable energy. Currently, 90% of the electricity used in our data centers comes from renewable sources. In addition, the equipment used by the company is carefully selected to obtain better performance with lower energy consumption.

Our renewable sources include water, solar and wind power.

Care for the Planet

Our units carefully sort out and dispose waste for recycling, including hazardous waste, equipment used in operations, firefighting items and pest control products. All of these products are disposed of in specialized centers.

Our environmental efforts in numbers




Working in benefit of society

With the community’s well-being in mind, we rolled out some positive initiatives such as the incentive to the municipal young apprentice program.

The goal of this program is to offer professional work positions to young men and women who would otherwise hardly have this kind of opportunity, in addition to offering professional training.

Ethics and transparency above all

Here at Ascenty, we value transparency in our business and ethics in our conduct, always encouraging our employees, suppliers, third parties to follow the very best principles. Ascenty makes its code of ethics and conduct available to everyone.


Expand excellence in energy efficiency across all Ascenty sites, standardizing the quality of services rendered in all locations.


We continue to expand our renewable energy supplies, seeking market-based solutions to achieve economic progress in terms of our renewable energy targets.


Focusing on the sustainability of our planet, we are immediately implementing 100% of proper disposal of waste generated by our operations and clients who use our services.