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The future of integration and connectivity has arrived at Ascenty’s Data Centers

ServiceFabric™ is Digital Realty’s orchestration and connectivity platform that redefines the concept of interconnection. Have it all in one place: cloud, infrastructure, applications, people and data.

In a hybrid IT world, the solution eliminates connectivity barriers, interconnecting everything with everything and simplifying what was previously complex.

Transforming data centers into connected communities

With ServiceFabric™, Ascenty’s Data Centers become even more neutral and global. The optimal solution for your business to easily adhere to a truly hybrid IT architecture.

  • Automation and orchestration

Manage everything from a single interface and introduce data intelligence into your workflow.

  • Simplified infrastructure management

Connect to Ascenty & Digital Realty’s global ecosystem and manage your infrastructure with standardized SLAs and reduced downtime.

  • Open ecosystem

Network with various service providers, whether they are your business partners or not.

  • Fewer costs and risks

Control bandwidth and have the security of a private connection that meets global compliance rules.

ServiceFabric™ on PlatformDIGITAL® connects companies and data from all over the world.

Enable new workflows and unlock your business results!

ServiceFabric™ product guide

ServiceFabric™ and Ascenty: boosting connectivity in Latin America

Ascenty customers have the resources they need to innovate and continue growing. Join the ecosystem of the world’s largest data center company!

Scale up with confidence

Adapt to new market demands quickly and easily and gain your competitive edge.

Be ready for the future

Evolve in a world that runs on data, from anywhere on the planet. Easily handle demanding workloads.

Trade in local currency

Leverage the potential of a global solution and avoid exchange rate fluctuations with pricing in Brazilian reais.

Other benefits of

More efficiency

ServiceFabric™ improves and streamlines operational performance. Use as needed and benefit from faster data processing.

Flexibility and resilience

With ServiceFabric™ distributed systems, you can detect, manage and recover from unexpected events. Increase your resilience with 99.9% port availability.

Continuity of operations

Take advantage of network diversity and continuous operations, with 24/7 support from Ascenty and the NOC Global Command Center.

High connectivity

Achieve high levels of connectivity with a single, centralized platform to manage all current and future interconnections.

Ready to connect with the world?
Your digital transformation is here!

Documentation and Support

Access the ServiceFabric™ documentation and support materials
and find out more!

product guide