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ServiceFabric™: discover the future of integration and connectivity 

In the era of hybrid IT, connectivity and integration are watchwords. That’s why Ascenty is proud to introduce ServiceFabric™, Digital Realty’s orchestration platform that is revolutionizing day-to-day business, now available at Ascenty.  

Have you ever found it difficult to manage multiple IT services, data, environments and suppliers? Ensuring a unified digital infrastructure is a real challenge for most companies, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

In an increasingly global and connected world, it makes all the difference to have access to everything you need in one place. Below, you’ll see how ServiceFabric™ makes this possible. 

What is ServiceFabric™? 

ServiceFabric™ is the orchestration platform that allows large enterprises to manage their global connectivity. In other words, the platform connects the business to the digital infrastructure that is necessary for business continuity. 

The solution’s great advantage is that it boosts the digital economy and makes the total interconnection of data, clouds environments and places a reality. All of that in a single interface. 

Who can ServiceFabric™ help? 

The Digital Realty Global Data Insights study found that 97% of companies with over $1 billion in revenue have more than 20 IT environments. In addition, 93% of organizations intend to expand these spaces in the coming years.  

We therefore have a scenario in which data is everywhere and is more strategic than ever for digital evolution. 

ServiceFabric™ has emerged as a facilitator of this journey. And it can be extremely valuable for different business profiles. Check it out! 

What are the benefits of using ServiceFabric™? 

With data at the center of business decisions, it is essential to have connectivity partners so that everything can be communicated quickly and easily. 

As you move towards data-driven management, especially with the evolution of Generative AI, having ServiceFabric™ at your side is a differentiator. After all, it will help you put together the ideal interconnection elements for your current and future technological needs.  

But that’s not all! Here are some more benefits of investing in this robust solution with Ascenty! 

Unified connectivity 

Connect to different services, wherever and whenever you want in a single environment. This is possible because ServiceFabric™ is a global platform, present in the infrastructure of the world’s largest data center companies.  

Innovate faster and stand out in the market 

With direct connections to cloud service providers, SaaS and partners around the world, your business can access the most innovative services and expand its market reach.  

Keep your data safe 

Enjoy the best that interconnection has to offer without exposing your data to risk. This is possible thanks to the indisputable security of segmented networks and private connections, which bypass the public internet. 

Use and pay as you go 

ServiceFabric™ is completely flexible. That means you can hire the connection capacity your business needs on demand, with fast and simple delivery. More connectivity and better value for money. 

No long-term commitments 

As the service is customized to your company’s needs, there are no long-term contracts. You can cancel, reduce or extend usage as you see fit. 

Connect to the world with Ascenty! 

Ascenty is a Digital Realty joint venture. This means that, in addition to the largest digital infrastructure in Latin America, we are part of the ecosystem of the world’s largest data center company. 

This position allows us to bring ServiceFabric™ exclusively to the Latin American market. But much more than that, Ascenty takes care of the entire integration process with the platform, with trading in local currency, free from exchange rate risk. 

Talk to one of our specialists now and be part of the future of connectivity!