Lan to Lan

Ascenty’s Lan to Lan solution connects your company through a private network to different business points, such as head office and branches. All with complete control, security and performance to boost your business.

With a high-performance dedicated fiber-optic network spanning across more than 5,000 kilometers, Ascenty guarantees availability, high capacity and direct connection with the top Cloud Providers in the market.


A growing trend in organizations worldwide, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a unique network that allows transmitting and sharing data applications.

Through its MPLS tool (backed by SLA), Ascenty delivers stability and high performance, transmitting strategic information at the right speed for your company.


The DWDM is a high-speed network solution with outstanding cost-to-benefit to enhance your company’s network interconnection capacity. Through it, all data communication is processed through the same fiber optic, providing flexibility for agile expansion.

Ascenty’s DWDM solution can interconnect all network points without using any middlemen. In addition, DWDM networks are redundant and offer low-latency connections, enabling the transfer of any file type and synchronized data reapplication.

IP Link

The IP Link solution integrates a wide range of telecom carriers to Ascenty’s physical structure to boost the offer of connectivity via IP redundancy.

If any carrier in Ascenty’s backbone becomes unavailable, all of the data are relayed through another carrier automatically and immediately, in order to mitigate any potential downtime in your services.

Last Mile

In some regions, telecom services are simply unable to meet client needs. Unfortunately, this happens because of how far these regions are from major urban centers.

Ascenty developed the Last Mile solution precisely for these regions that are just out of reach. It allows carrier services to reach future clients who are still out of their communication networks due to their geographical location.

Cross Connect

Cross Connect enables direct connection between different environments within a Data Center, ensuring high performance for your corporate network.

This solution connects your company to other service providers hosted in the Data Centers, including telecom carriers and/or Cloud Computing providers, directly on your IT environment. This entire range of possibilities offers new benefits in terms of overall costs and connection redundancy.


By acquiring an IX (Internet Exchange) connection in PIX (IX Interconnection Point) of Ascenty, your company will have a direct link to the networks of the main Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and companies with AS (Autonomous System), making it much easier to share information and traffic between them.

Ascenty’s IX connection rounds up connectivity services across the entire Metropolitan Region of São Paulo (Greater São Paulo) and Fortaleza. In fact, Ascenty’s PTT structure in São Paulo is redundant.