Partnership between Ascenty and NUV provides record low latency between Brazil and Europe

With new deal, Ascenty’ ecosystem offers data transmission between São Paulo and Madrid starting at 99 milliseconds, 60% faster than market average

Ascenty, the leading colocation company in Latin America, with 34 data centers in operation and/or under construction in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, announces a new interconnection partnership in its ecosystem. Along with NUV, a company that specializes in global connectivity services, and with the NetIX, Peer-1, and TupIX products, the company plans to expand the reach and quality of its connectivity in all regions of the globe.

The addition of NUV products to the Ascenty ecosystem will provide customers of both companies with global connectivity options with best-in-class latency, starting at 99 milliseconds for data transmission between Sao Paulo and Europe. Average latency for this route is estimated to be 220 milliseconds.

“With these products, we guarantee the lowest latency for data exchanges between the Americas and Europe. NetIX connects more than 30 exchange points (PTTs) in the world, between Brazil, the United States and Europe; we also connect all of Latin America in a single PTT through TupiX, based in large urban centers; and Peer-1 will allow us to take our customers to the most important peering exchanges around the world, aiming for the best experience. That way we can spread the network without losing the quality of our connectivity,” explained Fabricio Costa, CEO of NUV. “We are looking for partners who will help each other. This is the case with Ascenty, a company with a global footprint and aligned with our aspirations to provide excellent personalized service,” he added.

After three months of being rolled out from the Ascenty data center campus in São Paulo, the partnership will extend in the coming months to the Vinhedo, Campinas, and Fortaleza sites. Next, the goal is to expand the network to Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Chile, and Querétaro, Mexico, and, finally, in Bogotá, Colombia, once the data center goes live.

“This partnership illustrates the quality of the services we provide to our customers and the focus we have on increasing interconnection possibilities for the Latam market. Content is everywhere, but the big difference is in how this content is transmitted. In this context, NUV and its entire range of platforms is strategic for the possibility of unlimited expansion of connectivity, without loss of quality,” said João Walter, Executive Manager of Products, Solutions and Edge Strategy at Ascenty.