Ascenty and WNB Comnect enter into a partnership and invest more than R$2 million to streamline financial transactions

The partnership resulted in 13% faster processing times for financial operations

Ascenty, the Latin American colocation leader, with 34 data centers across Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Colombia, has sealed a partnership to improve the processing of financial transactions with WNB Comnect, a technological solutions company in network infrastructure for electronic transactions.

After a year of planning and more than R$2 million in investments, the joint venture led to a 70% increase in the capacity of WNB Comnect’s payment method transactions.

With Ascenty’s data center in Vinhedo – the largest in Latin America – added to its infrastructure, WNB achieved 13% faster processing times for data transport compared with the company’s historical average. The main reason for this performance improvement is due to the connectivity ecosystem connected to the world’s leading cloud providers.

“Ascenty offers services at a quality level that we consider essential for our projects. Their strengths are their connectivity, international security certifications, commitment to deadlines, and agile and personalized service,” said Ruy Rothschild de Souza, CEO of WNB Comnect. “This partnership reinforced our commitment to availability, flexibility, and security, essential values that we bring to our customers and partners,” he added.

The project was originally scheduled to be delivered by Ascenty in November 2022, to allow WNB to meet the increased flow of transactions for the holidays, the busiest time of year for the retail segment. However, Ascenty managed to complete the customer’s capacity expansion in early August, three months ahead of schedule.

WNB Comnect currently operates around 40% of in-person electronic payment transport in Brazil, accounting for almost 100% of the traffic in some segments.

“The arrival of WNB represents a significant increase in excellence in the supply of network infrastructure for data transport and electronic transactions in Ascenty’s marketplace, reinforcing our role as a developer of new business in our digital ecosystem,” said Vinícius Minetto, sales director at Ascenty.