Vianet Telecom

  • Due to its accelerated growth, Vianet Telecom started having issues with its internal infrastructure, and so it started looking for a data center to migrate its environment. The key requirement is that it should focus on the company’s core business: telecom solutions.

  • In order to ensure a successful migration, the solution was designed in partnership. At first, integrating the data center with different fiber routes to the old Vianet site, before migrating the environment to the data center.

  • After joining forces with Ascenty, Vianet has enjoyed very high availability in its network core and ease of connection, in addition to cost savings with IP traffic for large content providers.

We found Ascenty to be the ideal partner, in that it not only met, but exceeded all technical and contingency requirements defined in our scope. And we couldn’t be any happier with our choice. We consider it to be one of the most relevant strategic decisions when it comes to improving our network. We were able to raise the quality and reliability of our services through our partnership with Ascenty, and it’s been all compliments on their service so far.”

Marcelo Szeer

Planning Director