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Ascenty and Digital Realty: transforming data centers into connected communities 

What happens when the largest data center company in Latin America joins forces with the largest data center company in the world? Ascenty and Digital Realty are two strong brands and are working hand in hand to drive the sector forward. 

With the digital transformation, businesses are looking for more and more interconnection. After all, data is everywhere and those who can access it quickly and securely have a great advantage in their hands. 

In this scenario, successful partnerships make all the difference. In Latin America, companies can count on the best of the local and global market through Ascenty’s solutions and services. Learn more! 

About Ascenty 

Established in 2010, Ascenty is the Latin American leader in Data Centers and Connectivity. A Digital Realty and Brookfield joint venture, the company has worldwide service capacity and a powerful connectivity ecosystem, with various connection possibilities. 

It currently has 34 data centers in operation and/or under construction in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Colombia. All of them follow world-class standards, ensuring efficiency and security for client companies. 

In addition, Ascenty offers several competitive advantages that strengthen its quality and leading position in the market, such as: 

  • 5,000+ km of dedicated fiber optic network; 
  • 380,000+ sqm in total area; 
  • Direct connection to the largest cloud service providers; 
  • Only Data Center company that guarantees 100% infrastructure availability SLA under contract; 
  • Support in Portuguese, English and Spanish; 
  • Service team available 24/7, ready to act preventively, ensuring zero impact for your company; 
  • NAP: strategic point of interconnection and connectivity; 
  • 6 consecutive years in the zone of excellence in the NPS survey; 
  • Commitment to ESG, with solutions designed with a focus on energy efficiency to lower consumption and costs; 
  • Quality certifications such as TIER 3 and TR3. 

Meet Digital Realty 

Digital Realty is the world’s largest data center company and supports the data center, colocation and interconnection needs of more than 2,400 organizations. 

Its network is spread across strategic points on the planet, such as North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, helping to build a more unified market with fewer technological and data barriers.  

  • 300+ data centers 
  • 6 continents 
  • 25+ countries 
  • 50+ metros 

The brand’s robustness and worldwide credibility have earned it the trust of customers of all sizes.  

Ascenty also has partners from various industries, such as cloud services, information technology, communications, financial services, manufacturing, energy, health and consumer goods. 

Ascenty and Digital Realty: a partnership that redefines the data center market in Latin America 

With data at the core of business decisions, data centers are spreading and evolving. This is evidenced by the growth of Ascenty’s network in recent years, with new units opening to meet market needs. 

Companies are broadening their vision and understanding how essential data centers are to their business strategies, especially in a hybrid IT scenario — a concept that goes far beyond the hybrid cloud. 

In 2018, Ascenty became a Digital Realty join venture and this was the beginning of yet another transformation and evolution in the way it operates. We now have combined the quality and expertise of Latin America’s leading company with the universe of possibilities and opportunities of the world’s leading company. 

Having Digital Realty as an investor means boosting Ascenty’s innovation processes to deliver new services and digital ecosystems that help ensure positive business results and prepare our customers for the future. 

Your Data Center is now a connected community! 

A recent study published in DataCenterDynamics highlighted interesting data on what companies in Latin America should prioritize in 2024. Around here, IT spending is expected to grow by 11% — more than in mature markets such as the US. 

When we break down that growth by country, Brazil stands out

  • Brazil: 12% 
  • Latin America: 11% 
  • Chile: 11% 
  • Peru: 11% 
  • Mexico: 10% 
  • Colombia: 10% 
  • Argentina: 7% 

But in practice, what do these figures say? That companies are investing in their infrastructures to continue growing, especially with the spread of Artificial Intelligence. 

And in this case, it’s not enough to have a robust, scalable and reliable Data Center. You need a data center that behaves like a truly connected community

By joining the Digital Realty ecosystem, Ascenty is bringing a new concept of digital infrastructure to Latin America. This is because our customers can now take advantage of opportunities to interconnect with partners, data and services from all over the world. 

This integration breaks down geographical barriers and drives companies’ digital evolution even further. Ascenty continues to reaffirm its commitment to taking care of the information that supports the world. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to be part of a worldwide ecosystem! 

Successful businesses stand out from their competition by always looking to the future. Ascenty is proud to be a partner of such companies and strives to contribute to their evolution. 

The strategic integration with Digital Realty was a decision that introduced a new way of accessing, storing, processing and integrating data to the Brazilian and Latin American markets. 

Your company can benefit from the advantages of this partnership. Talk to our experts now and find out about the opportunities available!