Colocation is a Data Center outsourcing solution. With it, your company uses acquired servers to store and process data within Ascenty’s dedicated facilities.

Through Colocation, your company has a physical space entirely dedicated to the demand related to storage and superior data security.

Smart Hands

The Smart Hands solution provides your Colocation with a set of complex tasks supported by Ascenty’s staff.

Among the main services are the physical installation of new equipment, media management, cable management and issues in power and cooling distribution units.

Smart Hands can be the local and effective support you need to manage your Data Center Colocation’s operations.

Work Areas

Work Areas as offices located within Ascenty’s data centers. All of these areas are connected to your work environment and can be used as remote headquarters in case of isolated events, or even as professional settings for daily use, ensuring regular performance for your company’s strategic personnel in any emergency.

Deployment Solutions

Ascenty offers specialized support to its clients to help install or migrate their IT environments.

This is a high-level service that follows all layout, cabling, energy density and security specifications, meeting all layout demands in colocation environments, security, monitoring, connectivity and other solutions for your business.

Disaster Recovery

Ascenty’s Disaster Recovery solution involves a set of state-of-the-art procedures and policies to be adopted, allowing the full recovery of your company’s technology infrastructure. The service is designed to eliminate issues arising from natural disasters, equipment problems, operation errors, lack of connectivity and hacker attacks.