MD Systems

For over 20 years, MD Systems has worked to integrate cloud and security solutions. The company has offices strategically located in São Paulo, Campinas and Rio de Janeiro.

Business challenge

MD Systems needed to guarantee uptime for its customers, making sure they were in a reliable and redundant infrastructure.


With our colocation and connectivity solutions, we guarantee the high-availability environment that MD Systems needed to offer its customers.

The company enjoys all the benefits of a world-class infrastructure, without worrying about the details of operating the data center, such as generators, power, security, certifications. And this was all made possible by the Ascenty staff!


With all of the infrastructure provided by Ascenty, MD Systems was able to focus on its business without competing with Ascenty. Each company was able to direct its efforts towards its strength.

MD Systems customers also gained 100% uptime and scalability to grow, as well as the assurance of a redundant environment.


“Ascenty presented us a flexible business model, in addition to the best Data Center infrastructure that we had the opportunity to visit. And we are even more satisfied because of their staff, who are very attentive and always willing to help develop projects that meet our actual needs.”

Vicente Moredo – Sales Director