Ascenty achieves excellence in customer service for the fifth consecutive year

Latin America’s leading data center provider earned an excellent score in customer service for the fifth consecutive year as measured by Net Promoter Score (NPS) research methodology

The results of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, conducted annually with customers of Ascenty, the leading colocation company in Latin America, reveal how excellent service is a competitive advantage in the organization’s market positioning.

For the fifth consecutive year, Ascenty earned an “excellent” score, falling in the 75-100 point range. This is a well-established corporate metric for measuring customer loyalty and satisfaction. The positive feedback from Ascenty customers through the NPS comes as an endorsement of Ascenty’s successful strategy to differentiate itself as a service provider of excellence in Colocation and Connectivity.

“We invest heavily in infrastructure, technology, and agile processes, maintaining a culture focused on flexibility, and we always have initiatives that emphasize retaining and attracting new talent, all this associated with constant training to offer excellent services with the same quality around the clock and in all Data Centers in Latin America. In addition, we are always very attentive to the needs of our customers!” said Marcos Siqueira, Vice President of Operations at Ascenty.

With 33 own data centers in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Colombia, Ascenty serves large customers that, due to the complexity of their business, require the provision of very high quality services. The main segments served by the company include major cloud and general technology service providers, the financial sector, e-commerce (retail), education, and service integrators.

Between the 2021 survey and the recently completed September 2022 survey, Ascenty announced seven new data centers – three in Brazil, two in Mexico and a second data center in Chile – adding to a recent announcement of five other sites, including the first in Colombia.

“Even with this significant expansion, the company manages to balance the well-being and safety of its employees with customer satisfaction, maintaining the quality of service confirmed by the NPS,” Siqueira concluded.

About Ascenty

Ascenty, a Digital Realty and Brookfield company, is the largest connectivity and data center service provider in Latin America, currently managing 33 data centers in operation and/or construction in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Colombia, interconnected by 5,000 km of proprietary fiber-optic network. The company was established in 2010 and builds and operates world-class data centers serving the world’s largest cloud and technology providers, as well as other customers in the finance, retail, industrial, healthcare and service industries. To support its expansion, Ascenty relies on its shareholders – Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, a Canadian asset management company, and Digital Realty, the world’s largest data center company, with 290 units located in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia. To learn more about Ascenty, go to the site.