Environment|ISO 14001

Amidst rising concerns with the destruction of natural areas, higher pollution areas and climate changes, adopting sustainable practices has never been so important. In this sense, Ascenty is a pioneer in its segment: in 2016, it became the first Data Center company to receive the ISO 14001 certification.

The certification is based on the international standard established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It defines the requirements to properly implement and operate a sustainable environmental management system. Companies that adopt this standard invest and contribute to disseminating proper social and environmental practices across a wide range of aspects:

  • Environmental quality;
  • Corporate social responsibility;
  • Occupational health and safety.

Benefits for your company

The ISO 14001 certification attests that Ascenty operates in accordance with applicable laws and with complete respect to the environment, thus contributing towards promoting proper social and environmental quality across the globe.

  • Security of having data hosted in Data Centers that use renewable energy;
  • Environment designed to detect and eradicate fires with eco-friendly foam;
  • Efficiency and real-time monitoring of processes, since all of Ascenty’s processes are duly registered in management tools, based on the Zero Paper program.