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New NAP Brazil

NAP Brazil

New NAP Brazil: one of the most important internet exchange point HUBs in the country

The new NAP Brazil offers high connectivity and multiple access options across the top content providers and carriers.

Different providers (ISPs) can easily build their POPs (points of presence) to offer a wide range of connectivity solutions to their clients.

Benefits of Ascenty NAP

  • 100% carrier-neutral data center infrastructure;
  • Facilitated access to main global contents;
  • High performance and low latency;
  • Easy access to all major domestic and international carriers;
  • Interconnection with Ascenty ecosystem, no local POP required.

Some NAP figures

5+ Tbps:

  • incoming traffic, considering Ascenty’s Backbone

1.5+ Tbps:

  • in traffic exchange

40+ Carriers and ISPs:

  • ISPs covering Ascenty’s NAP

10+ content providers:

  • caches and CDNs connected

Check out some carriers with point of presence in our Data Centers

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