Eviden is a new company of the ATOS group that is responsible for Digital Transformation, Smart Platforms, Cloud, Advanced Computing, Digital Security and Net Zero solutions. With a turnover of 5 Bi Euros, with more than 57,000 IT professionals present in 45 countries in the world. We have in our portfolio the 5 largest supercomputers in Latin America and we offer advanced computing solutions for large customers in Brazil such as telephone operators, banks, government, industries and the entire research segment in partnership with large computing centers such as the LNCC (Laboratório Nacional de Computação Científica) and SENAI/CIMATEC in Salvador, where we have a research center in the development of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, with several projects developed in the area of ​​computer vision.


  • High Capacity Servers – Bull Sequana
  • Servers for Edge Computing – Edge Computing
  • We are partners with PureStorage, NVIDIA and RedHat