Ascenty launches technology services marketplace

Initiative by Latin America’s largest data center company creates business opportunities for its customers

Ascenty, a leading data center provider in Latin America, with 28 locations in Brazil, Chile and Mexico – 22 of which in operation and six under construction –, announced the launch of a technology services marketplace for its customer network.

The space offers numerous technology services, from servers and other physical equipment to solutions linked to cloud computing, cybersecurity and app development. Since Ascenty focuses exclusively on colocation – which consists of leasing space equipped with electrical power, internet connection, and redundant physical links to major global clouds – it does not compete with its tech industry partners, creating a business relationship between them. It is, therefore, a free competition marketplace open to the company’s entire partner network.

Ascenty’s digital ecosystem consists of an environment with great potential for business opportunities. “In addition to an infrastructure of excellence, our customers have at their disposal a marketplace with a great diversity of state-of-the-art technology services, with Ascenty playing the role of new business developer, allowing quick and easy access to the services they need within our digital ecosystem,” said Vinícius Minetto, Ascenty’s Sales Director.

The marketplace has enjoyed high receptivity rates among the customer base, with more than 30 companies registered in the first two weeks. Ascenty expects to surpass 50 tech service providers by the end of the year.

About Ascenty

Ascenty, a Digital Realty and Brookfield company, is the largest connectivity and data center service provider in Latin America, currently managing 28 data centers in operation and/or construction in Brazil, Chile and Mexico, interconnected by 5,000 km of proprietary fiber-optic network. The company was established in 2010 and builds and operates world-class data centers serving the world’s largest cloud and technology providers, as well as other customers in the finance, retail, industrial, healthcare and service industries. To support its expansion, Ascenty relies on its shareholders – Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, a Canadian asset management company, and Digital Realty, the world’s largest data center company, with 290 units located in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia. To learn more about Ascenty, go to the site.

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